time, the earth star, the master of the seventy-two pillars of demon gods, the Great Yuanshi Demon Zundu didn’t dare to kill Zhu Peng. The karma, crimes, and merits he implicated were so astonishing. It was like a loan of 500 million. The police didn’t dare to arrest him, and the court didn’t dare to sentence him, at least until these karma were over. , anyone who dares to touch Zhu Peng’s life or death may be directly looked at by heaven.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome. Zhu Peng’s mind condensed, his qi and blood replenished, and his true energy was replenished. After three points of returning to his original state, he had completely overcome the impact of evil thoughts. This is not a general trend. From a personal point of view, Zhu Peng was the same. A well-deserved genius Taoist cultivator, ordinary inner demons are ignored as if they are nothing.
“I, under the supreme Heavenly Demon Lord Yuanshi, the seventy-two pillars of Heavenly Demon Gods outside the universe, the leader on the right wing is under the command of the Ancient Ancestral Dragon, the third pillar of Heavenly Demon God in the middle, the Three-Eyed Hell Dragon King of Evil Eyes, evil has descended into the world. You guys, when Consecrate it with flesh, blood, soul, silently chant my name, and pray for my favor.”
The vast, powerful, almost irresistible sound exploded in Zhu Peng’s heart. If he were an ordinary mortal, or even an ordinary cultivator, facing this kind of power and will, his knees would probably become weak, and he would even bow his head and worship him. The majesty is more real and terrifying than the so-called kingly aura.
However, this is not the first time that Zhu Peng has come into contact with this kind of demonic thought that has descended into the world. Six years ago, he fought and fought with an extraterritorial demonic thought in his heart, and won the final victory with difficulty. Today, Of course, Zhu Peng will not be afraid or timid.
/“Your human servant, the high priest of blood, has seen the three-eyed Hell Dragon King with evil eyes. I respectfully welcome you to the human world. I pray for your favor.” No matter what is in his heart, Zhu Peng will not be careless about the etiquette that should be followed. After all, He is an ancestor in the true sense. More etiquette will not reduce his character and magnanimity.
However, when Zhu Peng raised his head again, he found that the entire world had been stripped of all colors, and time seemed to have stopped. He could see the completely still images of thousands of worshipers below, in this black and white world. In a monotonous world, the flow of time is obviously slower than outside, and even approaches a complete standstill.
The intense crimson blood flames and strange eyes were suspended in this black and white world. They were the only bright colors in the world in front of him. Zhu Peng could feel exploration, appreciation and all kinds of strange tastes from the pupils of his eyes.
Chapter 699: Future destiny trajectory, doomsday mu