he shelves to be sold at a price, or even treat it as a rare commodity and sell it violently.

Of course, even if you want to fight, you must choose your opponent well.
/If the opponent is too strong, he will not be able to take it, and he will go up the pole to find trouble. As a result, he will be beaten to a disgrace by “ping ping ping pong”. This is really not Zhu Peng’s style. But it doesn’t matter if the opponent is too weak. If you fight ten or a hundred of them, you won’t be able to create a powerful and powerful force, which is a waste of time.
The most important thing is that you can’t beat up your future customers. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be tragic if you were trying to build relationships, but ended up with a lot of hatred?
Fortunately, Zhu Peng has been reborn and has experienced the arrival of the first great plane of immortality. In this regard, he has the advantage of foresight and foresight. As far as Zhu Peng knows, the first great plane of immortality that has arrived is ” Jiangzhou”.
As for the most powerful sect in Jiangzhou, apart from the Buddhist Zen Temple, the Wudang Sword Pool and the Sun Moon Shrine, the Five Mountains Sword Sect is undoubtedly the most powerful.
Needless to say about the Buddhist sect, if Zhu Peng brings hundreds of monks with demonic roots to practice Buddhism, he will definitely be considered a ruiner.
Wudang Sword Pool is not suitable either. This Taoist sect is even more powerful than the Great Zen Temple that has been passed down through the ages. Although it is not a big problem to include Blood Soul Ridge Demonic Spirit Root monks, Zhu Peng is worried that this powerful sect can really take over. The power of Blood Soul Ridge was swallowed up in one gulp, without even a blister rising.
Zhu Peng has little interest in becoming an ordinary Wudang disciple in the future, even though Zhenwu Tai Chi is really strong, violent, fierce and arrogant. And there are no taboos about spiritual roots and physical tendencies (there was once a demon sect leader who practiced Tai Chi magic.), but the water is too deep, and the smiling old Taoist in Zhenwu Palace is also too deep and unfathomable. Zhu Peng feels that Blood Soul Ridge It is the safest and safest thing to have it in your own hands.
The Sun and Moon Palace is very suitable for blood compatibility, but Zhu Peng is worried that when he sees the beautiful Lord of the Eastern Palace, he will not be able to resist the urge to draw his sword and kill people. He already understands the training process of the “Sunflower Book” ——That is to say, he already knows that he has been fascinated and afraid of a transvestite for decades, and the psychological damage is too great.
What’s more, the Sun and Moon Palace also has some historical legacy and water depth problems, so after thinking about it, Zhu Peng passed it.
/The three major forces cannot touch each other, so they can only choose the best among the five mountain sword cultivators. At Hengshan Mountain in the north, a group of nuns are practicing Buddhism and sword