ounded from behind, but two more Middle-earth Thousand-man troops rushed over.

ounded from behind, but two more Middle-earth Thousand-man troops rushed over.
Immediately afterwards, other Middle-earth rangers heard the news and rushed over.
Just when the atmosphere was getting more and more tense, the signal from the Royal Forest Army came over.
When the Rouran people saw this flag, they didn’t dare to make any small moves no matter how angry they were. This meant that Kun Shuai would arrive at any time.
Sure enough, half an hour later, Kun Shuai’s banner arrived.
The only female commander in the Kingdom of China usually looks like a pampered middle-aged and elderly woman, but in this ice and snow, she braved the biting cold wind and stood out.
Because she was protected by spiritual energy, her demeanor was still so graceful. Facing the many heroes in Middle-earth, she smiled and cupped her hands, “Welcome home. Just come back. Let’s go back and warm up first.”
Once a big shot is willing to be approachable, that is It’s quite touching, especially these knights. Although they are usually wild and lawless, this is the old commander of the Wei Kingdom saluting them. What a face!
So many rangers echoed and dispersed.
But Gongsun Weiming was fearless, so he spoke loudly, “Then do we need to inspect some of the items we brought back from Rouran?” ”
Of course not,” Kun Shuai replied with a smile, “I don’t care about this. If you can afford it, I don’t know the permit yet, so I believe you.”
Gongsun Weiming was a little unaccustomed to this way of speaking, so he asked again, “Then what should we do with these heads?”
“Exchange,” said the look on Kun Shuai’s face , dimmed, “The Rouran Kingdom has crossed the border many times to kill the common people of our country and took away their heads. Of course we want the corpses of the elders in our hometown to return to the country and bury them in peace.”
“Okay,” Gongsun Weiming nodded and exited. For a moment, he remembered something again and turned to look at someone, “What did Master Li say?”
What Li Yongsheng could say was that he could only spread his hands and nod silently.
As a result, the Middle-earth people finally left the border and took away the body and head of the Ten Thousand Captains, leaving only a group of Rouran people standing there, looking in the direction of the Middle-earth country with piercing eyes.
After entering Middle-earth, the snow conditions eased a lot, and walking was not that difficult. After walking less than two hundred miles, we arrived at a relatively large military camp.
/Kunshuai’s vehicle is a flying boat, which is extremely fast as long as safety can be ensured. However, she also followed the soldiers into the military camp here.
/The military camp was temporary, and the tent was drafty and airy, but it was still warmer after all.
The rangers began to rest, and Kun Shuai also agreed with everyone to welcome everyone’s return at night.
Almost everyone has found relatives and friends. Even Gongsun Weiming met the descendants of the Gongsun family who came over. Those who had no