it for the rest of your life.

it for the rest of your life.
Under such a blow, the invading Crescent Kingdom army was unable to make any effective response – no matter how strong the military camp was, it could not withstand the attack of the true king.
/The most embarrassing thing is that sometimes two true kings will appear outside a military camp and take turns launching a saturation attack.
The New Moon people who saw this scene all felt like they were beeping. Do you, the true king of Middle-earth, dare to be a little more cruel?
They wanted to contact their True Lord to fight back, but they couldn’t get a response for a long time. People in the military camp were suddenly panicked, and most people had no idea what was going on.
When they found that the military camp could not withstand the attack of the True Lord, those Crescent Moon people with sharp minds abandoned the military camp and ran away.
Then, something even more deceptive happened. The true kings of Middle-earth were chasing after them and refused to let these little minions escape.
The soldiers of the Crescent Moon Kingdom were so angry that they just wanted to scold their mothers. They were so paralyzed. As a true king, couldn’t you have some dignity?
They couldn’t fight, and they couldn’t run away. Except for some die-hard fanatic believers, many New Moon people chose to surrender.
The battle to deal with these millions of invaders was really extremely easy and devastating.
During this period, other surprises also occurred.
Ding Yaoxing led a group of Ding family disciples, more than a thousand people in total, to pursue the Crescent Kingdom’s group of 20,000 people.
As a result, they met a caravan of Braiteng. There were three real-person level blood cultivators in the caravan. They wanted to stop the pursuit of the Ding family’s children because they believed that the real king’s pursuit of mortals violated the consensus of the planes.
Without saying a word, Ding Yaoxing directly killed two people and seriously injured one. He said coldly, “This is Middle-earth, and it’s not your Britten’s turn to dictate.”
He didn’t have a good impression of these guys. If there weren’t so many of them, Even so, the Patriotic War would not have ended in an anticlimactic manner, and after victory, nothing would have been gained.
Ding Yaoxing let out a fierce breath, and then informed Li Yongsheng of the matter through his spiritual mind, “These people haven’t gone far yet, do you want me to kill them all?”
The revenge of the New Moon People in Middle-earth was actually not No excuses, but countries like Britten are particularly disgusting. Sometimes they deliberately try to embarrass China in the international arena – they have been committed to supporting the Crescent Kingdom and confronting China.
“There is no need to kill them,” Li Yongsheng said calmly, “Catch up with them and tell them that the Watcher of the Wind from Middle-earth has said that the leader of Breiteng Blood Cultivator has to come to Middle-earth within half a month and explain why he is