“Do you think Raphael, one of the Twelve Apostles, is not as good as Lihuo Fan?”

“Do you think Raphael, one of the Twelve Apostles, is not as good as Lihuo Fan?”
These words were meant to provoke, but Mu Tong said it very simply and rudely , “Of course Raphael is better than Li Huoshan, but are his stumps the same as himself?”
I can’t stand your words! Ding Qingyao spoke decisively, “Is Raphael very strong? Didn’t he have his thigh cut off?”
Although Mu Tong was already very angry, he still looked at her with disdain – Little Master, I don’t share your experience.
He looked at the Lord of the Third Palace and took a deep breath, “Raphael was attacked by a sneak attack. Since you underestimate us, let’s have a show, right?” ”
/Isn’t it necessary?” The Lord of the Third Palace smiled slightly and looked. It seems a bit timid.
But her next words made everyone in the admonishment become furious, “You are guests from afar, how can we bully our guests?”
“There is no problem of bullying!” Archbishop Mu Tong was almost furious, he snorted coldly, Looking at his followers, “Who is willing to fight for our religion?”
The bearded man stood up first, “Archbishop, I, Korolev, ask for a fight.”
“Fight, fight,” Ding Qingyao stood on the ground. He stood up and looked at the other party without hesitation, “Aren’t our Taoist palaces afraid of you?”
“Master Ding Jing, you are the top being under the true king,” Katerina said coldly, “Ke Rolev is just the Lord Protector of the Volga, do you think this is fair?” ”
Then you can choose someone else,” Ding Qingyao said proudly, “But first, since you challenge yourself beyond your capabilities, you will always There must be some luck.”
“When I teach in Middle-earth, I have to be suppressed by luck,” Katerina said expressionlessly, “Master Ding Jing is at the gate of the four major palaces, so of course he has the confidence to challenge anyone. Now.”
What she means is that Ding Qingyao, you are the king and hegemony at home, you are not considered a hero.
Ding Qingyao snorted coldly and replied without any sign of weakness, “Then let’s go to the border and have a fight.” The
bearded man named Korolev looked at her coldly, “Are you serious about what you say? ”
He is famous for his strong fighting ability. In China, he may not be afraid of this female scripture master, let alone the border.
Ding Qingyao raised his brows before retorting, only to hear the Lord of the Third Palace cough slightly, “Guys, I, the master, haven’t spoken yet, and you just say this and that, isn’t it a little disrespectful to me?”
“Don’t you dare ?” ,” Ding Qingyao and Korolev said in unison.
The Lord of the Third Palace knew very well that although Korolev was only a high knight of the Cult and looked rough on the outside, his strength should not be underestimated – he was a rare knight in the Cult who knew magic. He also learned the priest’s teachings.
Such a knight, once proven to be true, will be the legendary paladin.
Even if he doesn’t prove it, a knight who can restore his own health and heal his wounds is quite terrifying.
In good conscience,