Turks were from the frontier army, and their combat effectiveness was very strong.

Turks were from the frontier army, and their combat effectiveness was very strong.
But the troops here were drawn out hastily, and even Rouran people are not particularly used to fighting in ice and snow.
Among the four teams of 10,000 people, two more teams of 10,000 people did not dare to move because they could not keep up with supplies.
When the Middle-earth Rangers were determined to break through, the Rouran people were still thinking of intercepting them. Their combat intentions were unclear and their actions were relatively slow, so they had to use a desperate attack method to mobilize the army to encircle them.
This mobilization also took time, and as a result, they intercepted hastily.
All of these made this battle not ideal, at least the Rouran people felt it was not ideal.
/Their frontier troops were exhausted and did not exert their full combat effectiveness.
/But no matter how many reasons there are, if you lose, you lose.
In short, the border should have been intercepted by border troops – in fact, at least two fully armed patrols of 100 people witnessed this battle.
Their number was too small, and they did not belong to the sequence of the two ten thousand men. The key was to keep an eye on the Middle-earth people on the opposite side and supervise their possible transgressions, so the two ten thousand captains did not recruit them.
What the two captains thought was that these two hundred people might be able to intercept a few more fish that escaped the net and escaped from the border.
But when they saw thousands of Middle-earth rangers rushing towards them, the two hundred-man patrols didn’t even think twice and ran away.
At this moment, they were all heartbroken – they couldn’t stop them at all, and if they rushed forward, they would die.
However, a team of ten people retreated a little slower. When they saw the Chinese people rushing across the border, they ordered arrows to be fired on the side. At this time, the other party wanted to go home with all their strength, so why not take advantage? ?
People who think this way are not wrong. Leave it to anyone. Once you can step into the border, your life is equivalent to being guaranteed. A life-and-death line is right in front of you. Who would care about a sneak attack next to you?
Moreover, the commander was also sure that the large group of people fleeing in front of them were really rangers from Middle-earth. This was evident from their clothes and weapons. They were just rangers. What they lacked most was organization and discipline.
However, what he didn’t expect was that the rangers didn’t waste much energy in the charge just now. When he saw someone dared to take action at the door of his house, someone shouted, “Brothers, kill these guys!
” If someone proposed this a few months ago, it’s hard to say what the response would be.
After all, we are all rangers, and we are not relatives. If we can avoid snatching other people’s trophies during the battle, it is because we are fighting in a foreign country together