as also cut into two pieces by the long sword. At the same time, only a soft “pop” sound was heard.

as also cut into two pieces by the long sword. At the same time, only a soft “pop” sound was heard.
A faint white smoke rose from Commander Zhao’s body, and the entire space seemed to freeze for a moment.
When the space returned to normal, everyone always felt that something went wrong somewhere, but they couldn’t tell.
Commander Zhao touched his chest with his hand, and his expression suddenly changed, “You, you, you really ruined the Mountains, Rivers, and the State Map!”
Li Yongsheng took two steps back, his face was an abnormal wine red, and his body swayed twice. , raised his hand to cover his mouth, only to see blood oozing out from between his fingers.
He took a deep breath and spoke slowly, “What a powerful backlash of luck, but ahem, I broke it after all. Do you have anything else to rely on?”
Commander Zhao was stunned for a while, and then sighed softly. He spoke in a low voice, “Okay, you win.”
Li Yongsheng looked at him with a strange look, “Are you admitting defeat now?”
Commander Zhao remained silent for a long time before he took a deep breath and cupped his hands. , “I learned today that heroes in the world should not be underestimated.”
Li Yongsheng coughed again, “Then you have really decided?”
Commander Zhao looked at him strangely, “What do you mean by this?”
Li Yongsheng put down his hand. Come on, look at the scarlet red hands, drooping your eyelids, not looking at the other party, and said in a deep voice, “When you proposed to fight as a general, were you determined to die?”
Chapter 978: Cherish each other? Haha,
Commander Zhao stared at Li Yongsheng blankly for a long time, and then sighed in despair, “Did you guess it?”
Li Yongsheng spread his hands, one of which was dripping with blood, and asked casually, “Is it necessary to guess? Commander Zhao
gave another wry smile, “If I can defeat you, I can live forever.” When
he proposed the battle of generals, he really wanted to die to prove his ambition. He felt that the fall of Tonghe camp really had nothing to do with him. .
He very much agreed with what Gao Yangbian said – King Zheng himself made a mistake and made simple things complicated.
In fact, he felt a little regretful in his heart. If he had known that King Zheng was so irresponsible, he should not have supported his uprising in the first place.
/But then again, if he doesn’t seize this opportunity, he may have no hope of proving himself for the rest of his life. As for reviving the glory of his branch, that is even more impossible
. Anyway, he is from the Tonghe camp. Commander, the camp has fallen now, and he must take responsibility – even if some people think that this is not a fall, the children of the Zhao family will not deny their responsibility.
When it came to the stage of fighting weapons, he had a sense of luck – if he could rely on his own bravery to take away a thousand soldiers, he would at least have an explanation for King Zheng and the army, and there would be no need to die to prove his ambition. .
But now it seems that i