mpletely different basement in his right eye.

A set of data in the right eye is displayed on the left: wind speed: 0, wind direction: 0, temperature: 25 degrees, humidity: 42%.
And when his eyes focus on any position in the room, distance data will appear in front of his right eye.
Below these, there is a line of text reminding: No main sniper weapon was found, no exoskeleton armor was found, and the T3 sniper auxiliary device cannot work.
David finally knew the name of this thing. Now that he knew the name, it would be easier to handle.
/He turned on his identity bracelet and connected to the civilian Skynet through his identity bracelet.
Due to cost and other issues, the civilian skynet of Perrin Star can only connect all the information on the planet, and cannot connect to planets further away, but this is enough for David.
He entered ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’ into the search, and hundreds of related information soon appeared.
He opened these messages and looked at them one by one. Most of them mentioned the ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’, but few described it in detail.
However, when he opened a page called Sniper Enthusiasts, he saw some practical information on the ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’.
/The ‘T3 type sniper auxiliary device’ is a military sniper auxiliary device. The price is second to none. This thing is not sold to the outside world at all.
According to sniper enthusiasts, the ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’ can increase the combat effectiveness of sniper soldiers by 30%. In the military, it is also a powerful device that only a few elite sniper soldiers can possess.
David’s heart was filled with excitement. The ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’ was of no use to ordinary people, but as long as he thought of the orange sniper light ball (20% proficiency), he knew that the ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’ would be extremely useful. Greatly improve his abilities.
After playing with the ‘T3 sniper auxiliary device’ for a while, he put it away and dragged his tired body to the bathroom.
He regained his memory as soon as he came back, and discovered the secret of Shadow Warrior, so he didn’t have time to clean up the stains on his body.
After experiencing the explosion, he was already in a state of utter disarray. The clear water rushing down his head reduced his fatigue a lot.
After cleaning, he checked the injuries on his body. The injury on his back had almost healed in a day, and there were only some scabs left on the burns on his hands.
This body is many times stronger than the body in his previous life. In his previous life, this kind of minor injury would not heal within a week, but in this world, the same injury only takes a few hours to heal.
“Emma, ??prepare me a dinner with an extra portion of fortified meat!” After changing into clean clothes, David felt the hunger in his stomach and loudly ordered the smart butler Aima.
At this moment, he also recalled the memories related to the smart housekeeper Emma. From the name to the voice, the smart housekeeper Emma came from an extremely famous a