ner court.

ner court.
Xiao Li is relatively good, but apart from radio skills, the only thing he can master is the acupuncture technique of Jiu Feng Qi Ming. But can Jiu Feng Qi Ming be able to master it casually?
If you are willing to teach, others must also be able to learn.
“Haha,” Li Yongsheng’s eyes wandered, “I didn’t talk about the technology of the radio.”
If he didn’t say anything, it would be hard for others to ask. The needs of the inner court have always been kept secret. If you ask too much, people will inevitably doubt you. of intention.
So everyone stopped talking again. Only Ren Yongxin looked thoughtfully at an object under the eaves.
It was a two-wheeled vehicle, and she had seen him ride it.
After eating and drinking for a while, Zhang Xiaohong stood up and cupped his hands, “I came here today to have a meal. I’m very happy. Let’s forget about the past things. I’m on duty today. I’ll take a step first and I’ll be the host later in the evening. Captain Zhu, are you here today?” You have to invite everyone, don’t let me down.”
Tonight, Capt. Zhang’s mood was also ups and downs. He was happy because he had been forgiven by Li Yongsheng. He immediately discovered that this guy seemed to be targeted by a big shot from the Government Affairs Council. Already?
Seeing that Li Yongsheng had connections with people in the inner court, he finally felt relieved.
Let me tell you, how could such a person be buried? As expected, people can climb up to the inner court.
So he happily sent out the invitation and asked Captain Zhu to supervise – I asked you to negotiate with Li Yongsheng, but you didn’t take it seriously. I’ll give you another chance this time and you can do it yourself.
Li Yongsheng sent the person out of the gate and then came back.
Before he could sit down, Zhang Yan asked with a smile, “What the inner court wants, but your bicycle skills?”
Li Yongsheng’s bicycle has appeared many times in the monastery, even Yang Guozheng and Ming Xiaomei Both of them have ridden out, but these two know that the technology of this thing is valuable, so they go back and forth in a hurry and don’t let others observe it.
Others who have seen this bicycle include the Qu family, the Zhu family, the Ren family, etc. However, these families all have very high moral standards and know that this is a good thing, but no one has figured out its principle.
Guo Laojiao even kindly reminded Li Yongsheng, saying that you’d better not put this thing under the eaves, put it inside the house and lock the door. You must know that the current people’s hearts are not as good as one generation – wrong, it is one generation. It’s better to have a crop.
Li Yongsheng accepted this suggestion, but later he took it out again when he wanted to use it. Then Yang Guozheng borrowed it again. He felt that it was not good to guard against his classmates, so he put it under the eaves again.
/Zhang Yan heard Zhu Jiaoyu talk about such a thing. Zhu Jiaoyu actually felt that this thing was good, but he definitely had no inten