e really didn’t know this guy, so he didn’t bother to argue anymore, stuffed the meal ticket into the other person’s hand, and left.

e really didn’t know this guy, so he didn’t bother to argue anymore, stuffed the meal ticket into the other person’s hand, and left.
What he didn’t know was that after he left, someone approached the organizer of the Government Affairs Council and asked, “Which restaurant did Li Yongsheng eat at?”
The organizer knew the name and immediately arranged for people to inquire, and soon reported dejectedly, “He will The meal ticket was given away. He should be going back to the monastery for dinner. Do you want us to notify him?”
“No,” the person who asked the question waved his hand and turned to leave.
The organizers did not take this matter seriously. There were too many things to do in such a big event to get to know each other and build friendships.
For example, a certain director of the Military Service Department wants to get acquainted with a fellow county governor to help the family. It is difficult to contact him on weekdays, so now is a good time to contact him.
Two days after Li Yongsheng returned, all the twelve patients in the monastery had finished their trials. The only injuries on his hands were Sister Zhu and Mr. Guo.
/Moreover, these two people have improved a lot. The rest is just a matter of time and effort, and there is no need to rush.
Sister Zhu enthusiastically suggested that you give Miss Wu a few injections. I think she is not in good health, and maybe she had the root cause of the disease in the past.
Li Yongsheng was a little hesitant about this, because he was not sure whether to extend Wu’s mother’s life as much as possible, or whether to accompany her through the last part of her life and witness her reincarnation.
Anyway, there were all kinds of tangles, but finally it was okay. There was no big problem with Wu’s mother’s body. It didn’t matter if she took care of it later. He had enough time to think.
But at this moment, Li Qingming came to the door again, and brought the cultivator who had offended Li Yongsheng, “Is that him? I’ve already beaten him, how do you want me to deal with him before he is willing to give it to me?” Curing poison?”
Si Xiu was dressed neatly, and he didn’t look too embarrassed on his face, but the bruises showed that he had really been beaten, and it was not a light one. His current neat appearance was very clear. Eighty-nine were specially sorted out.
“If I don’t treat him, I won’t treat him,” Li Yongsheng replied with a sneer. He also knew that the other party was a jerk, so of course he had to express his position directly, “I didn’t let you hit him. This has nothing to do with me.” ”
I said, young man, enough is enough. “Li Qingming wanted to run away again.
Finally, he knew that there was a Taoist priest from Shifang Jungle in the other party’s yard, so he suppressed his anger and said, “The most I can do is beat him up. I can’t do more. He offended you, but at that time he was on official business.” Don’t you understand Congquan?”
Li Yongsheng looked at him coldly and uttered four words, “How shameless!”
“What did you say?