go together.”

go together.”
Others in the Chaoan Security Bureau did not say anything, but as you can imagine, they felt that He Sixiu was a bit willful. You took Master Li away, what should we do?
Li Yongsheng smiled and shook his head, “No, I just want to wait. Maybe I can solve the manpower problem.”
Can you solve it? Everyone looked at him suspiciously, but everyone also knew that Master Li had several experts around him, but they just didn’t know if these experts could hold down the Prince of Shu’s palace.
At this moment, figures streaked across the distance, piercing the sky like a rainbow, with an astonishing momentum.
Liang Zhenren’s pupils shrank slightly, “There are so many real people?”
The leader was an unusually handsome young passerby. He waved his hand towards Li Yongsheng and grinned, “Yongsheng, are we not late? ”
Huh?” Li Yongsheng frowned slightly, “You’re here too? What’s the third elder doing?”
“It’s rare for you to summon Yongsheng once,” the fourth elder of the Gongsun family smiled again, an extremely bright smile, ” It’s really not easy to make you owe me a favor. Everyone who can come has come.”
Chapter 921 The king’s chariot came out.
Everyone came? Li Yongsheng frowned and took a closer look. There were quite a few people coming.
In addition to Gongsun Weiming, three other real people came to the Gongsun family, Zhang Laoshi came, She Xianfeng from Zhuque City came, and even Elder Lin Er from our restaurant came.
What surprised Li Yongsheng even more was that he actually saw Master Shao from Motianling among the real people?
Shao Zhenren was dressed in plain clothes, with a green scarf wrapped around his head and a mask on his face, looking like a man from the world.
/However, Li Yongsheng was quite familiar with his aura and could definitely recognize the right person.
Master Shao also saw his surprised look and winked in a very secretive manner: “Don’t make any noise.”
It is quite taboo for Zisun Temple to openly intervene in such matters, especially since he is also the host of Motianling.
There are about ten real people here, four of them have passes, how about everyone be shocked?
Seeing the dense crowd of real people flying in the air, everyone in the Chao Security Bureau opened their mouths with disbelief on their faces.
The first person to come back to his senses was Master Liang from the Hall of Cause and Effect. He looked at one of the Masters in surprise, “Brother Fang is here too?”
Master Fang was from the Hall of Heavenly Secrets. After seeing him, he nodded slightly and said, “I’m here A generation from Sanxiang was on business. Hearing that there was something going on here, he came over to help.”
“Brother Fang is a righteous man, I’m here.” Halfway through his words, Liang Zhenren suddenly remembered a rumor. It was said that this man had a very close relationship with Lei Gu. Okay, then, people may not be here to help you.
However, no matter what, among the real people present, they were the only ones from the two palaces, so he had to finish w