avenly Demon Realm can sense the coordinates more clearly.

No, it’s not that simple, he must have done something else!
Lu Bei withdrew and retreated, warily looking at the ‘weak’ little demon that had shrunk to a hundred feet.
Lu Nan continued to laugh: “The reaction is very fast, but what can you do, little human monk, today is the day you die.”
Lu Bei, who is one with nature and man, couldn’t hear this, and replied: “Even a little devil dares to speak nonsense, don’t forget, you were born because of me, and I am the source of you and Lu Dong.”
/These words seemed to hit a sore spot in Lu Nan’s face. On his chaotic face, ten blood-red eyes narrowed into thin slits: “So what, today’s cause and effect have been decided, and you will definitely die.”
“Not necessarily”
Lu Bei sneered again and again, and transformed into the body of the ten-eyed demon. The hundred-foot-long demon clasped his hands together, and with four faces of compassion and joy, he spoke at the same time: “If you want to kill me, ask Lu Dongtong first if he agrees.”
“What kind of waste is Lu Dong? He deserves to be compared with me. Kill him first and then you.”
Lu Nan’s face became even more angry, and black mist rolled over his chaotic face. He raised his hands and pressed out a large, square seal.
Xuanji Zhou Tianyin!
There are many supernatural powers derived from the Da Luo Ying Jie Immortal Dharma, among which there are branches of the Ten Destruction Seals of the Ten Directions, which are the Qingxu Yi Shen Seal, the Xuanji Zhoutian Seal, the Bodhi Xianxin Seal, and the Great Demon’s Non-Duality Seal.
Each of the ten seals of destruction has infinite power. As the master of the demons, Lu Nan can control them like an arm and a finger.
That’s how it was.
As a remnant, an existence that heaven and earth cannot tolerate, not only was his strength greatly weakened, but he was also suppressed by the will of heaven and earth. He was unable to use his own magical powers and could only control Tu Yuan’s understanding of the Ten Destruction Seals.
That’s enough!
Lu Bei pressed out his arms, and chaos roared into the void.
The great seal covers the void, and stars are formed and fall in the void. The great power of terror disturbs the restlessness of the void. Wherever you look, earth, fire, water, and wind are everywhere.
The void is dense, nebulae cover the sky and the sun, and the dense stars twinkle, like ripples in the sea of ????stars, both beautiful and full of murderous intent.
The great demon god pushed away his clasped hands in front of his chest, and the silent fluctuations suddenly turned into a huge black hole. Thirty-six golden lights shot out. Using the death of a Buddhist country as a driving force, he quickly exploded the sea of ??stars with the power of meteors. sieve.
After the blow, Lu Bei’s face turned ugly, while Lu Nan on the other side couldn’t stop laughing.
The Great Demon God is very strong, but with the help of Gu Zongchen, Lu Dong can defeat all kinds of dissatisfaction in the human world