a mixed material, it has become a supreme treasure that cultivators are really flocking to!

This one blow can be called a blow of fortune!
As his reputation grew, Chu Weiyang further felt some natural changes. For example, Chu Weiyang’s majestic thoughts and ideas could be achieved for a long time even without the suppression of the “Corpse Refining Diagram”. The emptiness and clarity allow thoughts to be delayed quickly, and auras to circle and spread rapidly.
This is the blessing of luck. When everyone thinks that Chu Weiyang has seven points of talent, even though Chu Weiyang actually only has six points, when necessary, the blessing of luck is enough to teach Chu Weiyang to use six points of talent. , do 70% of the things.
Of course, things that come out of nothing may not be possible with the blessing of luck, and the true transformation of cloud and mud cannot be filled by it.
The blessing of the power of luck cannot help people when they need it, but it can really make people better!
And it’s a perfect cluster of flowers!
Chu Weiyang knew very clearly that the changes in his soul and thoughts were just one of the miraculous changes that naturally occurred after he was blessed with the title of “Lord of Langxiao Mountain”.
In the future, this power of luck will also be revealed in all aspects of Chu Weiyang’s cultivation path. For example, the harvest from condensing treasure pills and treasure weapons in the future will be more stable and superior than usual; even calligraphy, painting, and incantations, or There are fewer defective products, or the power is maintained at a higher peak.
These are all things that make it difficult for people to spy on their whereabouts. Maybe there is another self who can look at the mirror every breath, so that these changes in destiny can be clearly revealed.
Perhaps even monks with higher cultivation levels cannot have such a clear understanding.
/This is the weirdness of luck.
But even if it is as misty as clouds and mist, every increase in the power of luck is enough to teach monks of any realm to flock to it.
In ordinary times, perhaps it would be better to have an extra pill, a spell with more power, or a treasure with an extra ray of spiritual light.
But when it comes to the real crisis of life and death, when it is time to reach enlightenment, perhaps it is the difference in the power of destiny that is the difference between life and death, and the final conclusion between going along and going against the odds!
In fact, Chu Weiyang had already attached great importance to the theory of luck and the power of luck from the very beginning when his cultivation was very low.
At that time, in his mind, there was a master of Fu Zhen like Chun Yuzhi who only touched the path of enlightenment, and there was also a direct disciple of Baihualou Grand Sect like Qing He.
He understands far better than his peers the beauty of the power of luck and its natural influence on himself.
So when Chu Weiyang first came up with the nickname “Taoist Wudu”, he quickly chan