ape Technique to see the light of day again?

But before he went into seclusion, Chu Weiyang suddenly thought of something again, turned around, and went to another stone room, where he saw Qi Feiqiong who was still busy practicing the Dharma.
At this time, with her help, Jade Snake’s blood evil practice has been postponed to the point of being a fellow practitioner of the Four Dharma.
In this process, Qi Feiqiong also truly confirmed the principle of his transformation from a snake to a true dragon, polishing his foundation and consolidating his heritage.
“Why is the Five Elements Sect’s traditional tradition using the Five Elements Escape Method as the gateway to the prosperity and decline of cause and effect?”
During the break in practicing the method, Qi Feiqiong murmured in a low voice as she looked at Chu Weiyang who suddenly appeared, repeating the words Chu Weiyang said.
After all, among the cultivators in this dojo, apart from Chu Weiyang, the one who has the most profound attainments in the Five Elements is Qi Feiqiong, the Taoist disciple of Huanghua Sect.
Even in terms of the breadth of the Five Elements, Qi Feiqiong is far beyond Chu Weiyang.
So, during this brief thought, Qi Feiqiong suddenly smiled.
“Brother, do you really think that the escape method is just a monk’s flying escape technique? How can Taoist techniques that can integrate the five elements with the body be simple! Only the method of integrating the five elements with the body can be the Five Elements Sect. That’s where the foundation lies!”
When he heard these words, Chu Weiyang suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment in his mind.
Although Chu Weiyang had not gained much in this moment, Qi Feiqiong’s words were like a thunder tearing through the deep and dark night, and the bright light shone through. Weiyang vaguely saw a vast world.
So, almost subconsciously, Chu Weiyang cupped his fists and raised his hands towards Qi Feiqiong, which was very rare.
“Thank you, junior sister. I’m grateful for my teaching!”
/In the same place, the smile on Qi Feiqiong’s face became even brighter.
“Senior brother, you’re welcome. If you can help me, that’s already great!”
Chu Weiyang’s short retreat was very effective.
The few words Qi Feiqiong said really opened up this vast world of cultivation for Chu Weiyang. At least, these words pointed out the direction for Chu Weiyang to explore the truth of the world of Five Elements Escape.
/Integrate the five elements with your body.
On the contrary, at this moment, Chu Weiyang began to start with the most familiar “Water Escape Technique” and began to reflect on his use of such escape techniques in the past.
In the past, he only felt that this method had taught him how to use it like an arm, and he had reached the level of subtlety.
But looking back now, Chu Weiyang realized that his use of this method was still in a superficial state, and the superficial skills he used were only superficial.
Therefore, in the stone room where the Five Elements Flower Demon Array is arranged, and in the