Weiyang enters the elixir realm, he and Shi Yuting agreed that the causes and effects that should be resolved should also be resolved in this way.

At this time, because of Chu Weiyang’s thought, suddenly, some kind of hidden feeling burst out in the Taoist’s mind.
Because of Baihualou’s various wonderful techniques, perhaps the body-building techniques that he created may be able to continue to be cultivated in depth during the debate with Shi Yuting, and to go a very long way.
At least, this way can give Chu Weiyang unexpected gains.
Moreover, with such thoughts suddenly arising, Chu Weiyang even felt something secretly. Perhaps the technique itself means more to Baihua Tower than it does to Chu Weiyang.
For Chu Weiyang, this may be a further step in his body-building method, but for Baihualou, perhaps the principles and methods of Sanyuan involved in this are enough to teach Baihualou to open another method!
The moment he thought of this, Chu Weiyang suddenly burst into laughter at his own thoughts.
/“What’s going on? The naughty joke I made in the past will actually come true one day. Am I really going to become a guest elder of Baihua Tower?”
“But speaking of it, the graceful postures here are indeed closer to the colorful flowers of Baihua Tower than the furnace cauldron of the Huanghua Sect.”
“But thinking about it this way, I don’t know if I want to settle the cause and effect in the end, or if I want to make a profit and make Baihualou owe more.”
Just as he was thinking like this, the five-color spiritual light disappeared in the same place, then wrapped around Chu Weiyang’s body and fled towards the direction of the Qi machine.
But in the same place, above the Baijie Yunfang, in the quiet room, almost at the same time, Shi Yuting and Xiao Yuluo both opened their eyes to contemplate and meditate.
Almost at the same time, both Shi Yuting and Xiao Yuluo reacted.
However, what Shi Yuting sensed was Chu Weiyang’s unconcealed cultivation energy. What’s more, perhaps it was because the twenty-four righteous sword seals penetrated the natural birth and death to form the prototype of the sword. At this moment, even if Chu Weiyang Yang Weiyang had his own sword energy, and the interweaving and resonance of the sword spirits in the air had truly shocked Shi Yuting.
And Xu was also in this uncontrollable situation, and when he truly sensed Chu Weiyang’s cultivation energy at the Dantai realm, almost instantly, Shi Yuting made up a trick in his mind. Weiyang hurriedly retreated to the Dantai realm, and after leaving the retreat, he traveled thousands of miles to Baijie Yunfang.
Maybe there are some episodes and twists and turns in this process, but it is not important. The context of things is like this, which is enough to move Teacher Yuting himself.
Perhaps it was precisely because of this kind of emotion that arose in his mind. When he looked at Shi Yuting, who was originally calm, his face became rosy, beautiful and incomparable.
But compared to Shi Yuting’s moved expression, Xiao Yuluo’s expression s