the blade appearing. At this time, Atherton Chaofan had already been decapitated.

He couldn’t help but shudder. He was so lucky when he met the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ on the battlefield. If the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ were to do this to him, he would probably have the same result as Atherton. .
In fact, when ‘Assassin Mantis’ assassinated David, ‘Assassin Mantis’ was not able to exert even 10% of its strength and was tricked to death by David’s various talents.
If it were a face-to-face battle, it is estimated that David would not be able to defeat even one blade of ‘Assassin Mantis’, let alone two blades deployed at the same time.
Shadow Attendant flew over at this time and absorbed Atherton’s extraordinary soul.
David also emerged from the ground, and he came to the side of the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’.
At this time, the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ was using his good right hand to slap his waist. There was a belt with an injection attack on his waist.
The belt was activated by the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’, and a tube of repair potion was injected into the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet”s artificial muscles.
The ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ also put away the blade of its left hand. The muscles of its left hand compressed to fix the blade, and the skin on the surface also grew rapidly to repair the cracks.
In just a moment, the left hand of the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ returned to normal. The sleeve of the left hand was also specially designed by David, but it was not damaged by the sword.
In this short period of time, the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ transformed back into the seemingly harmless little fat man.
David shook his head. In fact, the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ was more suitable for assassination. This kind of face-to-face fighting was not a good choice.
Of course, using the strength of the fourth-level Zerg to deal with an extraordinary person of ordinary strength, just kill him by force.
But to deal with stronger opponents, assassination is more suitable.
David summoned the Shadow Attendant and put away the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’.
After using the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ this time, he knew the horror of the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’.
Any extraordinary person who dares to get close to the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ is seeking death. In the Interstellar Federation, as long as he does not use super energy weapons, this ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ is invincible.
/Of course, this premise is that the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ is not discovered.
David looked at Atherton’s extraordinary corpse, and he couldn’t help but feel a little pity in his heart.
You must know that his ‘corpse control technique’ can also control two targets. For such an extraordinary corpse, there is no complicated process at all. You only need to directly draw the ‘corpse control pattern’ to make the corpse into a puppet.
Because through David’s observation just now, he was 100% sure that Atherton’s extraordinary mental strength was not as strong as his. In this case, it would be easy to use the ‘Corpse Control Technique’ to make a puppet.