Taoist disciples and deduce the more accurate state of cultivation of Taoist Xiao Meng. Even a glimpse into the mystery of the Five Elements Escape Technique!

It’s a pity that the Taoist priests in Shangming Palace have already thought of things that all cultivators can think of.
They had no choice but to take the initiative to clean up the beginning for Taoist Xiao Meng. The implication of the Tiangang Seal Technique, which originated from the same source, was revealed, “polluting” all the remaining charm of the place where the fighting was fought.
Even the lingering traces of the Tiangang Seal Technique that Taoist Xiaomeng flew into the air were destroyed in the process of the two Taoists from Chunyang Palace excitedly chasing after him.
But unfortunately, Chunyang Palace Daozi’s pursuit only lasted a very short time and ended in vain.
After all, the traces left behind are just the traces themselves. During the actual pursuit and escape, the Five Elements Escape Technique also showed its own speed that surpassed all other escape methods. It was no longer performed by Chunyang Palace Daozi. The escape method can be pursued.
/What’s more, after the five elements are complete, there is still a layer of virtual and real changes that integrate the five elements. At the same time as the virtual and real changes, the five elements seal method shines with a harmonious bright light, covering up the remaining lingering charm of the Tiangang seal method of Xiaomeng Taoist. .
Therefore, at the moment when he was completely unable to sense the aura of the Gangzhu method, the Taoist disciple of Chunyang Palace had lost control of the traces of Taoist Xiao Meng.
But the pursuit itself is not without effect.
At least, these further revealed details point out some ideas for the cultivators to search for and even control Taoist Xiao Meng. For example, they need to seize the opportunity between the change of reality and reality, and for example, the rapidity of their escape skills need to be vigilant. , for example, setting up a siege and ambush is far better than blindly escaping and chasing.
Moreover, Taoist Xiao Meng’s performance also gave Zhu Xiu a sense of urgency in his heart.
He arrested a Taoist disciple of the Five Elements Sect in public, and his intention was already very obvious.
/Perhaps, Taoist Xiao Meng will be able to make a breakthrough in the Five Elements Escape Technique in a very short period of time.
Even referring to the details of Taoist Xiao Meng using the Five Elements Seal Script to cover up the Tiangang Seal Script when he was escaping, it is obvious that the Taoist has discovered his own omissions and is deliberately making up for them.
In particular, the afterglow of that day’s Gang Seal Technique is just the remnant after the old method was cut off, and it is easier to use subsequent methods to peel it off again.
If you don’t seize the time, you may miss it in two or three days, and all the omissions you have seen today will no longer exist!
As soon as I thought of this, the spiritual li