opportunity to pass on my sect’s legal tradition?

Just as he was thinking this, a series of shattering sounds came from the urn.
When he looked again, three more demon snakes appeared, all with the same sluggish appearance.
This time, Chu Weiyang felt that there might be some kind of trouble.
A moment later, in the open space outside the wooden temple, Chu Weiyang formed a mound of earth.
The hillock is no more than half the height of an ordinary person’s leg. It is flattened in the middle with eight slopes, and eight jade charms are placed at the corners to correspond to the acquired gossip.
In the center surrounded by eight jade talismans was the demon snake that was fainted by Chu Weiyang’s poison in the first place.
At this moment, standing in front of the earth platform, Chu Weiyang held an incense stick in one hand and lit it with the jade fire in his palm. As the smoke and dust spread, there was a vague sound in Chu Weiyang’s mouth, as if it was a whisper. Like twisting the curse.
/Suddenly, when I looked again, there was no wind everywhere, but the smoke and dust seemed to be pulled by an invisible force. They all gathered on the mound platform and wrapped up the demonic snake in layers.
Chu Weiyang’s vague voice was hoarse and low, which increasingly reflected the silence of the island and the strange and strange changes in front of him.
However, time passed, and when the incense stick in Chu Weiyang’s hand burned out, the last red fire jumped suddenly on Chu Weiyang’s fingertips, turned into ashes and dust, and dissipated in the grinding of his fingertips.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang’s vague voice also stopped abruptly.
He examined the mound platform carefully.
Immediately afterwards, dark gray smoke spread out from the gaps in the demon snake’s scales, and gradually condensed together in the mid-air, turning into an illusory and hazy upper body divine form.
Looking carefully, he saw an old man with a ferocious face and a head full of horny scales. The twisted wrinkles on his face seemed to be filled with pain, as if his soul had endured unimaginable pain before it collapsed.
It’s just that it’s different from the agility of Chun Yuzhi’s soul in the past. The old man appearing in front of him now seems to have fallen into some kind of long coma. When he looked carefully, he had no sense of the changes in the outside world.
Perhaps, this is what Chun Yuzhi said about the ignorance of the true spirit.
At the same time, Chun Yuzhi seemed to see some truth and essence from the old man’s fainting.
Because of this, Chun Yu Zhi’s clear and beautiful voice actually contained a hint of wonder in her mind, as if she had seen some strange sight that was rare to see in years.
“Although I heard Mo Dao Zhongyan said that all the Mo family are monsters, I never expected that in such an old age, we can still see the remnants of the Blood Evil Dao.”
After hearing this, Chu Weiyang immediately became energetic.
It was something he had never heard of before, but seeing the word “evil” in the word, Chu We