current Zhu Ming Huayang Heavenly Realm. Together with this, the Youxuyinxuan Heavenly Realm was also created in this way, and even Following this context, Chu Weiyang also found the context and route where the Sanyuan Ultimate Realm and the Taixuan Total Reality collided during the sliding process in the past.

With this understanding, Chu Weiyang followed the ancient picture pattern and deduced the possible locations of the extinct clear void and tomorrow world in several different directions.
At the end, when Chu Weiyang’s eyes fell back on the realm of Shangqing Yuping and the realm of Baoxian Nine Chambers, the Taoist suddenly realized that these two realms had also followed the ancient road in the past. There is some sliding.
Even the current location of the Shangqing Yuping Boundary is the destination where it should stop after sliding along the turbulent veins of the hydrology.
It’s just that the boundary of Baoxian Nine Chambers on the other side, in the same turbulent sliding process, suddenly stopped in place before it reached the halfway point.
At this moment, after having this understanding, Chu Weiyang, who was thinking for a moment in a trance, suddenly settled his mind in a very brief moment of thinking.
This is not a normal stagnation!
There is no other natural force that can match such a vast and lofty power to move the world, unless someone uses Tao and Dharma to use the supreme charm to attract more natural power that would have been impossible to gather. It was only then that the realm of Baoxian Nine Chambers had to hover in this sea area before it reached the halfway point.
/Considering the so-called rivalry between the old and new monks, this kind of suspension stemming from Tao and Dharma emerged more clearly in Chu Weiyang’s careful thinking.
In the end, Chu Weiyang landed on the turbulent ancient road that was enough to push the boundaries of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian.
If the hydrology of this troubled world still follows the power of the original ferocious beast and is always difficult, does it mean that knowing that the power of Tao and Dharma that has been suspended in this world has been broken, means that the movement that stopped suddenly in the past will continue. Can we continue again after endless years?
As for how to break away from the power of Taoism hovering in this world.
Chu Weiyang took a step closer and thought, this must really contain the power of the supreme level and Taoism. Even though the power of Taoism was revealed in front of Chu Weiyang, it was just relying on the cultivation of the Taoist. Realm, I’m afraid it can’t shake the aura of that law at all.
How is this different from the earthworm shaking the big tree?
But what if it was not Chu Weiyang who resisted the power of Tao and Dharma, but the collision and escape caused by the self-trembling Xumi Barrier of the Great Realm of the Nine Chambers of Treasure Immortals caused by the Taoist?
Which one, nature or Taoism, has truly unparalleled power?
/Amidst such pondering and emotion, Chu Weiyang t