r. Restore it to its original appearance.

This is an experience that only Chu Weiyang has ever experienced in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths throughout the ages.
In fact, he has already gone through the step of natural changes moving toward Taoism.
So when Chu Weiyang was immersed in the Sumeru enlightenment between heaven and earth, the Taoist realized something like an afterthought.
The earth master method that I have mastered, I can understand the geography and hydrology between the sky and the earth, and it is as clear as looking at the lines on the back of my hand; my Xumi Dao charm also runs through the world, and I can easily influence it with my thoughts. The power of Sumeru.
/And such a profound grasp also means that it is not as difficult as Chu Weiyang imagined to promote the overlap of the Sumeru barriers here.
It is true that there is a threshold for Taoism to be traced back, but for Chu Weiyang who has stopped to realize it, it is really not that difficult.
If necessary, at this moment Chu Weiyang caused the Sumeru Barriers to overlap on their own, and could almost include the entire Wuji Sect’s mountain gates in the overlapping Sumeru Barriers to recreate the story of Yunfu Palace. .
In addition, considering the towering mountains of the entire Wuji Sect, which are many times wider than the gate of Yunfu Palace, and Chu Weiyang consciously, after doing such a retelling of the story, he still has quite a bit of room to spare. , can include more continuous mountains and the universe in such a fold.
At first, Chu Weiyang regarded this kind of spaciousness as an illusion, but after repeated details confirmed it, Chu Weiyang had to admit that the changes in nature may be extremely subtle, but they can only be transformed into pure Taoism. Only after the law is in operation can we explore the limits of certain changes!
In Chu Weiyang’s Taoist deduction, the true limit of the overlapping of Xumi barriers has been vaguely explored by Chu Weiyang.
But it was Chu Weiyang who had achieved such a harvest with unexpected ease, but further revealed the intertwined emotions of joy and distress.
Needless to say, I am happy, but what worries Chu Weiyang is that the prerequisite for such an easily deduced limit is Chu Weiyang’s control over the geography and hydrology of this place, and the world within this square inch. The operation of Taoism deduced.
This also means that if it were a nearby spiritual mountain and beautiful water, with different geography and hydrology, and different Xumi charm, Chu Weiyang would have to re-examine the operation of the Taoist talisman formation based on different details.
This is not what Chu Weiyang imagined. After understanding everything, the power of Sumeru and Feng Shui, he formed a consistent high-level method that can reflect mountains, rivers, lakes and rivers.
This means that if you want to act according to the original picture, Chu Weiyang must use his own efforts to travel around the entire realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian, and then, after measuring all