riginally woven Xuan Lei Net, those originally very thin cracks of nothingness were located.

As the power of Meru in all directions was swallowed up, a stretch of mountains and fields encompassing a more extended scene of heaven and earth disappeared.
Also disappearing together were the void cracks themselves that were like mysterious thunder, and the raging Sumeru storm that ran through them.
Even if the power of Sumeru and Kanyu are unified, there is a limit. After reaching the extreme of Tao and Dharma, it will be natural for this crease to close between heaven and earth.
And it was at this time that I saw such changes at the edge of the net.
When Zen Master Yuehua escaped, they were not in such a relaxed state of mind, nor were they like this when this huge world began to drift with the tide.
On the contrary, at this moment, the barriers really closed, and they breathed a sigh of relief for no reason.
/It seems that in this original blueprint, the last step of all the things that they should do has been completed in this way.
Do your best and obey destiny.
Now, everything is done!
The crack that had been closed suddenly cracked again at this moment!
And the hazy turbid current entangled in the Sumeru storm.
There is also the dim yellow color that cannot be concealed, the moonlight hanging by the Zen master.
Then, with the aura of heaven and earth and the power of Sumeru pouring crazily towards the narrow crack, after the sudden change, the crack was able to close again.
All the scenes disappeared, and even the strands of hazy turbidity were dispersed in the wind.
“Zen Master Yuehua!”
In the blueprint they planned, they only relied on the overlapping of the Sumeru Barriers to make the boundary of the Nine Treasure Immortal Chambers above the turbulence of the ancient road form an illusion of becoming smaller and lighter.
In fact, the “weight” of the universe and part of the world is hidden in the “sandwich” of that part of the Sumeru barrier through the overlap of the Sumeru barrier.
And because of the blurring of the ways of Sumeru and Kanyu, those things still clearly exist, but they are no longer traceable. In reality, they are invisible and have no form.
But this moment can be restored.
And restoring the realm of Baoxian Nine Chambers is also part of the blueprint.
What the ancient monks need is the unity of heaven, earth, and universe with the original ancient appearance of the great world. Only in this way can the world be achieved!
On the other hand, nearly half of Sumeru and the nine realms of Baoxian that no longer exist in the mountains and fields have actually been dismantled. For the ancient monks, it has no meaning at all!
At this moment, what Zen Master Yuehua is doing has this purpose.
Now that he has lost his first move and cannot continue to sit and control the realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian, after escaping hastily from the twilight world, he even saw with his own eyes that the realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian broke free from the means left by the superior cultiv