d? “

At the end of his words, Zhong Chaoyuan’s expression of sarcasm and ridicule disappeared at all.
He looked at Yan Jianwei solemnly, as if he was facing something more serious than the disaster he was facing.
But Yan Jianwei was still trembling, clenching his teeth and raising his chin several times, but no sound could be squeezed out of his throat.
There was no response at all, but just looking at Yan Jianwei like this, Zhong Chaoyuan seemed to understand everything and already had the silent answer.
/“For other matters, Master Dao may be able to save you, but it concerns the Golden Core Monk and the legal system of the human race. This is no longer something that Master Dao can decide.”
As he spoke, Zhong Chaoyuan had already picked up a jade slip, but he saw the spiritual light surging between his eyebrows. In the flash of light, as Zhong Chaoyuan’s words fell, he flicked his wrist and threw out a magic seal light. Then he would wrap up the jade slip and fly away through the air.
At this moment, on the constantly rolling sea, a streak of azure water vapor suddenly rose into the sky.
It only flashed for a moment, and then it hit the spiritual light.
When he looked again, the spiritual light dissipated, and the jade simplicity inside turned into powder and dissipated in the turbulent storm.
Zhong Chaoyuan’s face darkened, but when he turned his head and looked again, Yan Jianwei’s shoulders were no longer shaking, and his teeth were no longer biting.
Suddenly, dark red blood appeared on his face.
As if intoxicated by the changes, Yan Jianwei even took a deep breath.
When he looked again, what appeared together with the strange blood was the snake pattern that spread from his cheeks in an instant. As it climbed up his forehead, it almost occupied most of his face, while hanging down his neck, it seemed to be moving towards The limbs and bones were eroded away.
This was not a natural change. Zhong Chaoyuan’s face was livid, and it was clear at this moment that this was Yan Jianwei’s own initiative.
Looking at Zhong Chaoyuan’s gloomy face, Yan Jian smiled slightly.
“If you hadn’t sent that jade slip, things wouldn’t have come to this point. Good boy, Tingchang Mountain is grandma’s life-long effort. Your little foundation is nothing but a jade slip. I can completely destroy it. I can’t agree to this!
Relax, the sky is falling. You shouldn’t have to carry it on your shoulders. Grandma has come to the sea in person. You scolded her all the way and ridiculed her for more than half a month. If grandma is not angry with you, come on. When a sect is established in Changshan, Riting, there will be a stick of incense from you. ”
When the words fell, Yan saw the slightly wide sleeves of his robe hanging down.
When he looked again, the colors of red and azure intertwined again under his feet.
Only this time, it was smeared with a layer of hazy darkness, and there seemed to be traces of demonic aura spreading out from the flowing aura of the ninth-order talisman array that was revealed as it turne