u think He was able to survive for so many years without being discovered after becoming an evil spirit?”

Klein was silent for two seconds, then asked:
“Are you going to make me just wait?”
“You can also choose to leave this Bone Church, but Zaratul is waiting for you at the door. In your current state, you can only become his marionette.” Adam said without any emotion.
In the misty sea, the “Dawn” sailed silently among the undulating blue waves.
Bernadette suddenly opened her eyes and sat up.
She frowned slightly and immediately picked up an item placed next to her.
The object was entirely golden, with indescribable mysterious symbols engraved on its surface, like a miniature kettle.
/This is the sealed object “0-05”, the “Magic Wishing Lamp”.
Bernadette held the magic lamp, lowered her head slightly, and recited an honorary name:
“A fool who is not of this age;
“The mysterious master above the gray fog:
“The King of Yellow and Black who controls good luck…”
Above the gray fog, in the ancient palace, next to the “Fool”‘s seat.
A “prayer light spot” expanded, sending out circles of halo.
It’s like being in a claustrophobic room and suddenly opening the curtains, letting the sunlight shine in and piercing the eyes of the “sleeper”.
The already quiet worm vortex became crazy again, waving those slippery and strange tentacles.
Klein’s eyes passed over the parts related to the “Lord of Mysteries” and he interpreted the following content:
The eternal darkness, the singularity of all things, and the unity of time and space:
“River of Eternal Darkness” plus the uniqueness of “Darkness”, the uniqueness of “Death” (Eternal Sleeper), the uniqueness of “Twilight Giant” plus 1 copy of the “Knight of Disaster” extraordinary characteristic, 1 copy of the “Pale Emperor” extraordinary characteristic, 1 copy “Hand of God” Extraordinary Characteristics.
God of origin, mother of all things, mother’s nest of filth:
The “Brother’s Nest” plus the uniqueness of “Mother”, the uniqueness of “Moon” plus 1 “Nature Walker” extraordinary characteristic, and 1 “Beauty God” extraordinary characteristic.
Disorder, Shadow of Order:
The “State of Disorder” plus the uniqueness of “Black Emperor”, the uniqueness of “Judger” plus 1 copy of the “Prince of Order” extraordinary characteristics, 1 copy of the “Hand of Order” extraordinary characteristics.
Destroying natural disasters and root causes:
The uniqueness of “City of Disaster” plus “Witch” (Chaos Witch, Original Witch), the uniqueness of “Red Priest” plus 1 “Doomsday” extraordinary characteristic, and 1 “Conqueror” extraordinary characteristic.
The father of demons, the lord of aliens, the source of curses:
“Shadow World” adds the uniqueness of “Abyss”, and the uniqueness of “The Bound One” adds 1 copy of the “Filthy King” extraordinary characteristic, and 1 copy of the “Godly Sin” extraordinary characteristic.
The demon of knowledge, the mystery of madness:
“Knowledge Wilderness” adds the uniqueness of “The Hermit”, and the uniqueness of “The Perfect One” adds 1 cop