st difficult background behind all the lasting regrets that shake people’s hearts.

When he thought about this further, for no reason, Chu Weiyang contemplated the majestic and majestic sight of a tree that penetrated all the realms and appeared in the realms of the spirit void. There is some kind of “ruthlessness”.
You must succeed. On the road to seeking immortality and transcendence, you must succeed!
Chu Weiyang didn’t want to think that one day, someone would come out of the sea of ????the old world, follow something intertwined, resonate with something, and then see some broken umbrellas and pagodas in the distant distance outside, and see from the silent worlds. The Taoist palace is in ruins, and the five mountains are in ruins.
Then he walked slowly on the dry seabed, watching from a distance the rotation of virtual reality, presence and absence, completely moving towards nothingness, leaving only a silhouette of the inner scene of the Nine Heavens and Realms.
Then, with a certain feeling of longing for the sages, he said some sour words, and then grabbed all the information that contained eternal time, and then left without looking back.
No matter how magnificent the regret is, there is nothing worthy of envy in itself.
Of course, at this moment, Chu Weiyang, who was also looking at the sage with eternal regret, decided to skip the step of saying some sour words and directly seize the sage’s experience here for eternity.
It is much better to take their regrets with them on the road than to have the regrets themselves sealed here and fade away forever.
And almost at the same time.
In the three realms of Chu Weiyang’s Taoist temple, the process of transporting and rotating the vast and infinite radiance of Taoism is still in the process, and the light shining on the cloud road is also moving with Chu Weiyang. The three cultivators from Baihualou who had an insight into the scene of heaven and earth were all moved at this moment with a certain Taoist level of empathy that far surpassed Chu Weiyang’s.
After all, the root of all the splendor and miracles in Taoism lies in the practice of Baihua Tower.
/At the forefront of the cloud road was Shi Yuting, whose eyes were red and throbbing with an uncontrollable expression.
“Brother, think of a way”
For a long time, Shi Yuting has never influenced Chu Weiyang in the matter of practicing Taoism and enlightenment. But this time, he probably understood that Chu Weiyang himself had to take action, and secondly, it came from the same source. The great shock that came from the inheritance of Taoism from the sages stirred up a Baihualou monk like Shi Yuting who was already full of prosperous and passionate emotions.
She couldn’t help but wanted to say something and beg Chu Weiyang to take action.
But in the same place, the Taoist didn’t say anything. He just nodded gently towards Shi Yuting while looking back at Yunlu.
The next moment, the Taoist figure turned around, and suddenly he stood in the dead and silent world again.
At this moment, as the Taoist fig