the restriction and flowed straight into the magic sword, almost turning into a blazing torrent. Submerged the Chunyu Zhizhen spirit that penetrated the restraining chain.

After a sudden muffled sound, Chu Weiyang’s hard breathing echoed in Chu Weiyang’s mind.
It was as if the impact of this moment’s meaning was far more powerful than any pain in making Chun Yuzhi’s true spirit come alive.
That was the way of the Talisman Formation that she had walked, that was the road that she had walked, and it was also the pinnacle of a certain realm that she had stood at, and she had once envied the supreme meaning of looking into the distance.
For a brief moment, she gasped violently one after another. The urgency in her breathing seemed to mean that there were thousands of words to say in her heart, but in the end, when her voice fell, there was only a vague murmur. .
“Chu Weiyang Chu Weiyang”
The next moment, as if he was touched, Chu Weiyang suddenly threw the talisman pen on the table, and when he raised his palm again, a stream of black light water shone from the palm of his hand. As the water light swirled around, suddenly, that The water light condensed into a talisman in Chu Weiyang’s thought, and then with a flick of Chu Weiyang’s wrist, it turned into a sharp arrow and flew out. Looking at the momentum, it was even three points higher than before.
And when Chu Weiyang looked inside, in the great orifice of the Ming Mansion, the nine-faced black tortoise true spirit hanging above the cold pool, a certain mottled pattern intertwined between the nine-faced tortoise shells, suddenly The space became dense and complicated, and when you looked carefully, what was imprinted on it was the condensed talisman in Chu Weiyang’s palm.
There is a method in the Tao, and there is a skill in the method.
That’s true!
After witnessing this step, Chu Weiyang suddenly broke free from the state of selflessness.
/Clear laughter echoed from the quiet room again. At the same time, Chu Weiyang’s raised palm fell and was caressing the ridge of the magic sword.
In silence, Chu Weiyang’s voice appeared on the other side of the restriction.
“Miss Zhi, don’t be in a hurry. We will return to Tingchang Mountain one day. Take your time. Our journey has just begun. No, it hasn’t even begun yet. Don’t be in a hurry!”
Chu Weiyang’s hoarse voice slowly sounded, and at the same time, Chun Yuzhi’s difficult breathing gradually became soothing in the magic sword.
“Well, I know, I’m waiting for that day! If you have anything you want to ask about the Tao and Dharma of Tingchang Mountain in the future, just ask me. It’s just this talent. If you bury it, you will teach me how to be sorry for myself. Taoist heart”
What responded to Chun Yuzhi was the subtle sound of Chu Weiyang’s fingertips rubbing back and forth on the sword’s spine.
Outside the sea, Snake Cave.
The dark mist shrouded the entire underwater snake cave, and the continuous sound of thunder continued for a long time. Until now, it has been echoing for an unknown period of time.