Just when he was thinking of this, in Chu Weiyang’s sight, Brother Lin was standing in front of him, with some disdain and contempt on his face, as if he was looking at some ghostly dregs.

“Ha, Taoist Wudu? A scum like you is worthy of making a name for yourself in the calamity? But others are not discerning, so it’s none of my business. I just want to ask you, what happened to the Dan Sect disciple just now?” What are you talking about, but something is going to happen in this calamity. A villain like you, who knows how to flatter you, may know something that we don’t!”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang raised his eyebrows in surprise.
Wudu Taoist?
/Even Chu Weiyang himself didn’t expect that he would actually have a name now, and he was still in this disaster.
Hearing just this sentence, Chu Weiyang almost burst into laughter, but when he thought that this person was still chattering in front of him, Chu Weiyang gathered his thoughts and thought about this person in a flash. After the words fell, he spoke unhurriedly.
“Listening to what this fellow Taoist from the Shenxiao Sect said, it seems that no one can talk to the disciples of the Alchemy Sect during this disaster? Asking someone to buy some elixirs is flattery, but speaking a few words to many people is a disaster. Something unexpected happened?
The Taoist fellow of the Shenxiao Sect is so understanding, does he seem to know more than everyone else? Furthermore, on that day when the Taoist disciple of the Huanghua Sect returned to Daocheng, with such great momentum, it was clearly you, fellow Taoist, who was guiding the country with the monks of the Dan Sect. ”
It was meant to poke people’s lung tubes. After Chu Weiyang said what he said, when he looked again, Taoist Lin’s face was almost gloomy and turned purple.
In fact, until this moment, Chu Weiyang had never figured out why this person came to find him.
/Maybe he really felt that Chu Weiyang should know something, or maybe he just looked at Chu Weiyang with displeasure, and was emotionally affected by the long period of bloodshed and fighting, and felt that he was looking for some soft persimmon.
Amidst the slightly heavy breathing, Taoist Lin’s eyes widened, already showing some bloodshot eyes. When he looked again, there was a sudden flash of lightning from the depths of his eyes.
As if adding fuel to the fire was not enough, Chu Weiyang suddenly slapped his head.
“Blame me! Blame me! I am so rude here that I forgot to exchange names. This fellow Taoist from Shenxiao Sect knows my nickname of Taoist Wudu, but I don’t know what I should call my fellow Taoist? Oh, yes Yes, junior sister, you are the direct descendant of Baihualou, your sect’s boat travels east and west of the Chalcedony River, and you know the geniuses and monsters of the North and South Xuanyuan lineages! Do you know the name of this fellow Taoist?”
Hearing Chu Weiyang ask this question, under the heavy curtain hat, there was a laughter like a green lotus and a silver bell.
But strangely enough, Qing He just smiled, smiling fo