ven if his method is high, he will only get twice the result with half the effort.

At this moment, the five people were completely helpless. In the stone room, in the swaying wind, the blood flames suddenly dissipated.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang raised his head, and the different-colored Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish picture suddenly turned into a spiritual light, whether it was the fire phase of the bird wandering in the sea of ??flames, or the thirty-two hexagrams integrated into the black light water. All the seal patterns were swallowed by Chu Weiyang.
In an instant, it was as if a big medicine was taken into his stomach. In the next moment, Chu Weiyang’s already majestic Qi became even more powerful after crossing a shallow barrier!
The tenth level of Qi refining stage!
Boundless heroic emotions were constantly tumbling from his mind.
/This is not only a change in the advancement of cultivation, but also means that Chu Weiyang is close to getting rid of the erosion of the turbid evil accumulation, completely bringing it under control, and completely bringing his life and safety under control. Only the final step One kick!
The white jade pavilions are turning over, and the golden palaces are flying!
Soon! It’s all quick!
While Chu Weiyang was leaning lazily on the boulder at the entrance of the cave, looking through the gap, seemingly bored in his spare time, he was looking at the sky that had been dark and unchanged for a long time.
Suddenly, a brilliant thunder came from the distant sky.
The roaring sound, when first heard, was no different from the thunder that struck in the storms these days.
But not long after, when the tail sound of the roaring thunder continued to echo in the sky, and listening carefully, Chu Weiyang felt the subtle changes between it and the real thunder.
The next moment, the whimpering wind was like a dragon roaring and a tiger roaring, blowing from far to near suddenly, rolling over the island and making the sound of sand and stone grinding all over.
It was clearly midsummer, but the wind was extremely cold. Even if there was only a gap left at the entrance of the cave, the cold wind rushed in, making Chu Weiyang shiver.
Especially because they stayed in the dark cave for too long, everyone’s bodies were somewhat contaminated with wet vapor, so they felt even more chilly in the cold wind.
Immediately afterwards, as the sinister wind blew and poured into the cave, there was a rich and almost inseparable smell of blood.
At first, Chu Weiyang just thought that the battle line had reached the vicinity of the island, and perhaps there was a fighting hell not far away. But suddenly, Chu Weiyang’s careless expression suddenly stopped in a flash. live.
In the bloody aura, Chu Weiyang could sense the extremely strong blood energy of the monster beast.
It was clearly an extremely weak, yet extremely strong energy of the demonic beast’s blood evil.
It seems that the monster blood evil dispersed in the dark wind is not huge, only one or two wisps, but it is these two wisps