shows. This kind of thing is not uncommon, but I have never seen sellers find models with more ordinary conditions to show buyers a WYSIWYG effect.

Liu Changan chatted with Liu Yuewang and Wang Jiangzi for a while, and after settling Liu Yuewang’s needs, he borrowed Wang Jiangzi’s studio and started writing and painting.
Liu Yuewang and Wang Jiangzi made tea, and while drinking tea and chatting, they paid attention to Liu Changan’s movements.
Write, write poems and songs.
The painting is of An Nuan’s voice, appearance, and smile.
The two middle-aged women looked at his serious look, and their eyes gradually became gentle. If they didn’t really like him, how could they exude such a thoughtful and quiet temperament? The corners of his mouth would turn up from time to time, and he must be thinking about her from time to time.
“I think the most beautiful artistic conception is still expressed in thousands of years of poems and songs, but in this vast sea of ??literature, it is not easy to find the sentences that best express the feeling An Nuan gives me to form a picture. Things.” Liu Changan accidentally looked up and saw them staring at him. Unknowingly, they had already drank a pot of tea and chatted for a long time. Then he explained, “First set an artistic conception as the theme design direction, and then I’m looking for a suitable color, and if I tell you that it may not be available here, please ask Master Wang to help me pay attention.”
/“No problem.” Wang Jiangzi said softly, thinking that when she was young, she had to have a man who treated her with such care, and that kind of love would be so intoxicating.
In comparison, what his skills are is not that important. Women are emotional after all.
Liu Yuewang couldn’t stay here forever. After a while, she answered a phone call and was about to leave. Wang Jiangzi accompanied her to a special room, measured her size, and sent Liu Yuewang off.
Wang Jiangzi came up to watch Liu Changan’s writing and painting for a while. What surprised her was that the more she watched, the more she saw his level of performance. These fragmentary calligraphy and paintings, not to mention aura and style, etc. It’s true, the foundation is really solid, and it’s definitely not something that ordinary people can achieve after studying for ten or eight years.
This talent isn’t just talent, right? He has to start practicing it from his mother’s womb, right? Wang Jiangzi was puzzled and could only explain that the growth of a genius was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.
Watching Liu Changan write and draw is a pleasure. Wang Jiangzi no longer cares that his original intention is to verify Liu Changan’s technical level.
/After Liu Yuewang left, Liu Changan didn’t stay here any longer. He thanked him and left.
Not walking far, after exiting the archway at the intersection of Ziping Street, Liu Changan saw Liu Yuewang’s car, which had been away for some time, and was parked on the side of the road. It seemed that there had been some kind of car accident.
A head fel