observing the Dharma and fighting for space to find me. There is not a word of truth in your mouth, so I can’t trust you. There is no difference between what you say and what you don’t say. Maybe if you don’t say it, there will be less twists and turns! “

When the words fell, Chu Weiyang didn’t wait for Zhang Youguan’s increasingly stunned expression to change, so he turned around, buried his head to himself, and began to immerse himself in eating like a whirlwind.
But at this moment, after a moment of silence, Zhang Youguan suddenly smiled bitterly.
“Brother Dao, you have misunderstood me a lot!”
/Misunderstand? I’m afraid not necessarily!
Thinking of this, Chu Weiyang just raised his head in the middle of feasting and glanced at Zhang Youguan meaningfully with his talking eyebrows.
As a result, the helpless and bitter smile on Zhang Youguan’s face became more and more obvious.
He even shook his head and extended his hands towards Chu Weiyang.
“What a misunderstanding! Brother Taoist, please think about it. If I am really capable of this, this drinking and elixir banquet is almost the only time in our lives that we casual cultivators can be safe and secure and gain fame without sacrificing our lives.” A great opportunity to achieve great success is right in front of me. If I could see a 60% chance, I would definitely work hard and never slack off!
Even if Pindao is as vain as Brother Dao said and doesn’t tell the truth, no matter how many plans I have, Brother Dao will have to think about it for himself. I have to figure it out. How can someone be worthy of such an opportunity? Can it be as fruitful as Brother Dao’s current achievements?
Of course, having said that, Taoist brother can have doubts about this profession, and Pindao can also understand and understand. In fact, this confusion of poisonous magic power is not due to Pindao’s talent, but because of a secret method. It is not a true essence cultivation method that involves the foundation, but a supplementary secret technique that uses earth energy to cleanse and refine poisonous magic power, so it is like this for poor Taoists.
If I really have such talent, can really understand the dark and difficult-to-understand principles of poisonous evil, and then use my own efforts to achieve such achievements without resorting to tricks, then I will definitely not only build the realm of foundation, but also, with the The true harmony of principles is so obscure and difficult to clearly prove that it is so subtle that even Taoist brother will not be able to notice it. ”
In fact, to Chu Weiyang’s ears, the rhetoric was able to tie it in and make its own statement.
/But Chu Weiyang still didn’t believe it!
Not to mention the evasiveness in this rhetoric, Chu Weiyang was able to respond to him with such careful rhetoric once he questioned it.
After hearing this, Chu Weiyang only became more suspicious of Zhang Youguan.
When he thought of this, Chu Weiyang suddenly smiled again, as if he believed what Zhang Youguan said.
“Then it’s just a misunderstandi