latives and friends who feel that she has no hope in this life. But now she has also met many truly enthusiastic and enthusiastic people. Needless to say Liu Changan, the two girls in front of him are also very enthusiastic and attentive. Zhong Qing, who rarely shows up but has communicated many issues with Zhou Shuling, and Zhong Qing, who is now standing on the periphery, seems to be hesitating whether he is qualified. The all-star who showed his face in front of the eldest lady and was mainly responsible for connecting with Zhou Shuling.

“Go in and get busy. You don’t need to greet the acquaintances.” Liu Changan patted Zhou Shuling on the shoulder and motioned for her to prepare to open the store.
“You finally showed up.” Zhou Shuling actually just wanted Liu Changan to show up. She always felt that she could handle such a big matter here as a woman. She could handle it, but she just felt a little flustered and nervous. When others were here, she felt Being a lot more stable is probably a psychological need to be able to find someone at any time when things happen.
Zhou Shuling went in and told the kitchen and waiters to prepare for the guests. Liu Changan called Bai Hui and Zhu Juntang to sit down in the corner.
/Bai Hui and Zhu Juntang sat across from each other, while An Nuan accompanied Liu Changan.
Zhu Juntang’s eyes were a little smug. An Nuan across from him seemed unprepared. He was really a vase and couldn’t do anything at the critical moment.
“What do you want to eat?” An Nuan greeted Zhu Juntang and Bai Hui enthusiastically.
“There seems to be no choice at the moment.” Bai Hui glanced at the menu and said, “The only drinks are soy milk, the staple food is only rice noodles, and the snacks are only Zhou Dongdong brand big chicken legs? Haha, what are Zhou Dongdong brand big chicken legs?”
“It’s so expensive.” Zhu Juntang suddenly sighed.
Zhu Juntang is very satisfied with everyone’s response. This is the effect she wants. You must know that Building 2 of Baolong Center in front of her often reveals a feeling of “I am an ordinary heroine, I understand life, and I am down-to-earth.” Today Zhu Juntang Decided to take advantage of the opponent’s unprepared time to completely attack An Nuan’s arrogance. Zhu Juntang can not only be elegant and noble, but also can sigh “so expensive” like an ordinary little girl. Zhu Juntang has always thought that he would sigh “so expensive” The life of ordinary people is the essence of ordinary people’s life, and she captured this point wittily.
/“It’s okay, after all, you have to make money. If you can’t accept the price, you don’t have to eat it. There are poor people everywhere in the world, but there is no shortage of rich people.” Bai Hui is also a “little rich woman”, so she still feels confident in speaking like this. Yes, she didn’t want to do this kind of business. She originally thought buying a house was very profitable, but she heard that stock trading would make money faster, so Bai Hui asked her cousin, and Zhongqing recommended a few stocks to her. B