nds, and found that she had posted a photo five minutes ago, and the content was about grabbing a good deck of cards.

Liu Changan swiped casually. She had already posted ten Moments today, all of which she had picked up a good deck of cards, and this one won again, and so on.
It seems that Qin Yanan coaxed Zhu Juntang to make Shangguan Dandan very happy. Liu Changan didn’t understand. This was obviously a game where someone else gave cards to others. What’s the point of playing?
Maybe Shangguan Dandan likes this kind of scene where she thinks mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are enjoying themselves, right? Liu Changan shook his head, and then went upstairs to Zhou Shuling’s house to see what was available for dinner.
Zhou Shuling is busy in the kitchen. She squats next to the sink, exposing a small section of snow-white skin on her lower back. Her white hands are grabbing a brush and scrubbing a pig’s foot with great effort. A strand of sweaty hair hangs on her back. The side of her face is swaying with the movements of her arms. The housewife may not be so delicate, but this kind of virtuous temperament makes people feel comfortable to look at.
“When did you come?” Zhou Shuling raised her hand to wipe her forehead, and found Liu Changan standing by the door. Looking at him leaning there, she didn’t know when she was standing there. Zhou Shuling quickly pulled up her clothes with some embarrassment.
“There’s no need to prepare Shangguan Dandan’s food tonight. Do you want it stewed, braised, or stir-fried?” Liu Changan still likes to eat pig’s feet. In the past, everyone couldn’t afford the meat, but later everyone could eat it. Nowadays, many people are disgusted with pork. One day, pork will have to become more noble.
“Tonight we will eat stir-fried pig trotters. I plan to make the pork knuckles into German boiled pork knuckles.” Zhou Shuling said a little show off, because she felt that adding a foreign name made the dish look more foreign. This was a new dish she learned. I didn’t invent the style myself, so I told Liu Changan directly with some confidence, instead of anxiously looking forward to his comments after I finished it.
“Stew pig’s trotters, just stew pig’s trotters, what about German boiled pork knuckles?” Liu Changan sneered disapprovingly. This little daughter-in-law has been thinking about proving her cooking skills all day long. Now it seems that she has not made much progress in technique, so she is just learning Western skills. The restaurant’s routine has focused on the name.
“There was a girl in the restaurant whose relative came back from Germany and brought her sauerkraut. She said that this sauerkraut is to be eaten with German boiled pork knuckles, so she gave me a pack. I found a recipe and learned it. , I specially bought the pig feet from our Ningxiang black pig to prepare.” Zhou Shuling patted the fat and strong pig’s hind legs and said.
/Ningxiang Black Pig is a high-end pork brand. Now it costs thirty or forty yuan a pound in supermarkets. Liu Changan said with admiration, “T