vid saw the information collected by the sonic waves through Shadow Attendant’s eyes, he couldn’t help but feel nervous. If his extraordinary conversations with Hans and Galen were collected by this device, then he would be in trouble.

Although Lieutenant General Beaumont’s name was not mentioned in the extraordinary conversation with Hans and Galen, as long as those who know about it can discover a lot of information based on the conversation.
David gritted his teeth and was about to take action.
“Brother, investigate this man’s villa. If we find out, we will die without knowing how!” One person said with slight complaint.
/“As long as we wait for that one to leave, we can hand over the task!” another person said.
“The captain is quite relaxed. He handed over this kind of task, but he himself stayed far away!”
“Who said our positions are low? What’s the point of this kind of task? Just watching them eat and then sleeping after the meal doesn’t even provide entertainment!”
“Is this thermal imaging broken? The thermal energy in the bedroom has never been scanned!”
“I heard that he is a ‘sniper master’. He may be practicing some special hidden ability!”
David, who was about to take action, stopped and recalled that today he only talked about Lieutenant General Beaumont at the beginning, and then didn’t mention it again. It seems that the surveillance work of these two people started with the meal, otherwise it would not be like this. explain.
/Of course, David didn’t just listen to the conversation between the two. Shadow Warrior flew into the room. Just as the two of them looked at the light screen, a series of codes were flashed on a device behind them.
David saw the start-up time of the equipment here and couldn’t help but feel relieved.
He did not alert the enemy. He only looked at the advanced scanning equipment and the military serial number of the scanning equipment to know that the people here belonged to the military.
Black mist flew out of the villa, David’s body appeared in the corner, and he returned to his bedroom.
“Morning!” David greeted the two of them, but his hand made sign language.
This is military sign language. Both Hans and Galen Chaofan came out of the military, so they naturally recognize this sign language.
“Under surveillance!” This is the meaning of sign language.
Galen’s extraordinary eyes were sharp, and he made a questioning gesture to David.
David pointed in the direction of the surveillance, and then informed the situation with gestures.
“Let’s have breakfast first!” Galen said in a normal tone, while his hand was inputting commands on the identity bracelet.
David didn’t care about Galen’s extraordinary operations. This was Galen’s extraordinary territory. Galen’s extraordinary knew what to do better than him.
Just as the three of them were having breakfast together, four armored hover vehicles flew from the sky and surrounded the villa. Then Galen’s extraordinary direct soldiers jumped out of the hover vehicles, not caring about the security system at all. He called