ken, all the lands of Xuanlong can travel unimpeded.

In the secret realm of Yiliang Kingdom, Lu Bei laughed heartily and became the big winner in the end. Xiti Xuanlong’s trio packed up the sword fierce Dugu and the two brothers Zhao Wugou and Zhao Wuxia.
The original plan was to sell it to Wuzhou Lao Zhu’s family, but Lao Zhu’s family thought the potato was too hot and didn’t dare to accept the goods. They only made a price difference from the middleman, so they invited Zhao Wuxie and Lu Bei to deal face to face.
The ransom paid by Zhao Wuxie was a lot, but it was also a scam. In exchange for the Zixiao Pagoda, one of the three sacred artifacts of Xiongchu, Jian Xiu Dugu was replaced, and two more were added to it.
Because they felt like old friends at first sight, Lu Bei felt that he was seeing Hu San in the combined stage, so he firmly believed that Zhao Wuxie was not a serious person.
Seeing the Black Mountain Order, the general was slightly startled, as if wondering why Lu Bei had black hair instead of white hair, but he didn’t think much about it, folded his arms into fists, knelt down on one knee, and called himself General Zhao.
The surrounding city guards knelt down in unison. This scene seemed to knock down dominoes, extending all the way to the end of the street in the distance. Not only the city guards, but also the local people knelt down.
Lu Bei’s eyes twitched, and for some reason, a sentence popped into his mind.
Wherever the people want and win, the road can be achieved.
To be honest, I look down on Wu Zhou. If Xuanlong hadn’t been dragged away by the demon clan, a happy man like Zhu Xiushi would have been sent to the basement of the Zhao family to be whipped.
Lu Bei helped the guard up and patted the smelly armor on his body: “General, you don’t have to be like this. I just want to keep a low profile during this trip.”
Like other normal people, the guard felt deeply uncomfortable when he first came into contact with Lu Bei. He asked the surrounding soldiers to stand up and asked Lu Bei and his party if they needed a ride.
There was no need to drive. It was too slow. Lu Bei was used to being fast and couldn’t stand the slow speed. He asked for a map covering four states and led three doglegs to wander around the market.
/Check out what local specialties there are, delicious and fun, and bring a few carts for the little foxes.
The four people walked away, and a white-haired figure stood on the city wall, with a folding fan blocking half of his face, and his peach blossom eyes were full of unruly.
“Master of the Heavenly Sword Sect”
/“In Wuzhou, I can’t do anything to you, but when it comes to my Xuanlong territory, it’s not up to you.”
“Yes, with such a great opportunity, how can Zhao have the face to meet his ancestors without taking a few hostages?”
“Hey, this is good. Lao Zhan, go and buy two kilograms.”
“This is fine, go buy ten pounds, and remember to ask the store to chop it into minced meat. Don’t see any fat on it.”
“As for you, you are still here to watch. You have big eyes,