feel as hearty as it tastes.

Liu Changan came to the supermarket and saw a 50% discount on some fresh meat that was going to be sold that day. Liu Changan saw two pairs of pig intestines and flipped them over with tongs. They were still clean and retained a hint of the unique odor of pig intestines.
If the pig intestines are cleaned and have no smell at all, just like pure fat and sebum, then chewing them will not be that interesting. The pig intestines have such a unique smell, which is made with ginger, garlic, chili and sauerkraut. You can’t mask the taste, but these condiments will make it even more delicious.
Liu Changan went back with two pairs of pig intestines. There is a dish called gourd head in Xi’an, which is also very famous. Jia Pingwa also likes to eat it. No matter what the origin of the guests, he likes to treat others to eat gourd head, but when he introduced it, he said , gourd head is pig hemorrhoids.
This made many people in Xi’an very dissatisfied, thinking that he ruined a Xi’an delicacy. After all, when others heard that it was pig hemorrhoids, many people were unwilling to eat it, which affected the spread of local food culture.
Food culture is a very important cultural business card for any city, especially now. A delicacy, a world-famous delicacy, can bring much tourism economy and enhance the cultural image and charm of the entire city.
For example, I won’t give examples. Chinese people don’t need others to give such examples.
In fact, the gourd head cannot be said to be pig hemorrhoids. It should be said to be the place where hemorrhoids grow, the rectum.
If you really have hemorrhoids in your rectum, they will have to be removed. You don’t need to do this when cooking.
The pig intestines in this section of the rectum are plump, fatty, and chewy, and are very suitable for various cooking methods. In the past, pig small intestines were used for braised cooking, but now many people ignore these differences and use both large intestines and small intestines.
Liu Changan returned to the community. On this cold winter day, old men and women would no longer set up a table under the grape vines to play cards.
/The business of the mahjong parlor has been booming a lot, but in Aunt Xie’s grocery store, a table was set up with a small sun placed under the table. Several people gathered around to play cards. Aunt Xie pumped water and provided services such as pouring boiling water. Shangguan Dandan fell in love with this place and brought her thermos bottle to boil the water to soak her effervescent tablets every day.
This way she doesn’t always have to boil water herself.
She was a little worried that the briquettes would be used up too quickly. She had to save these briquettes for the winter and then ask Liu Changan to buy a car of briquettes.
Sometimes she would go upstairs to Zhou Dongdong’s house to pour boiling water, if Liu Changan didn’t boil the water.
The Queen Mother tried her best to live frugally and appear shrewd. She is a person who lives her life. I hope Liu Changa