The elders all know that yams must be curved to be authentic. They are yams that really grow in the mountains and forests. Iron rod yams grow in straight culture barrels, so that they can only grow straight.
Advances in cultivation methods have greatly improved the processing efficiency of yams. In the past, those curved yams could only be scraped with chopsticks. It was a complete torture for people with sensitive skin to handle yams.
The real older generation does not have any skin allergies. People born in the 1980s and 1990s must have good living conditions to have this kind of yam allergy experience.
“Master, does yam have the function of aphrodisiac?” Li Hongfang suddenly asked.
“No.” Liu Changan frowned. She must have thought of the long and thick shape of the iron rod and yam. Liu Changan really didn’t know what to say about this person.
After a while, the roasted yellow beef was served first, and Liu Changan tasted it. The chef’s skills were very good, but the yellow beef was not freshly slaughtered from the market, but chilled yellow beef, which affected the taste a bit.
He was not a picky person and still planned to eat cleanly. Li Hongfang glanced at Liu Changan, who was eating barbecue seriously, and turned around to see a man wearing a Chinese double-breasted jacket looking at him with a smile.
The man was in his early forties, tall and not very strong, but his fists looked thick and his fingers were straight and strong.
“Xiaofang, long time no see.” The middle-aged man said with that meaningful smile on his face.
This kind of smile can often be seen on the faces of mature men. It always gives people the feeling that he has mastered the other party’s secrets, handles, or controlled the situation.
Xiaofang? Liu Changan subconsciously took a look at Li Hongfang’s hair. The fluffy curls and soft feeling were completely different from the thick braids that people think of when they hear “Xiao Fang”.
Liu Changan didn’t pay attention to that man. He just talked about Xiaofang and the big braid. He had to mention “Xiaofang”. Based on Liu Changan’s experience and knowledge, he said with a slight bias that many people who sing and compose folk love songs are basically hooligans. A scumbag.
Basically, but not entirely, it’s just a matter of family, so don’t worry about it.
/After finishing the scumbag, I will write a song for you, sing it lovingly, and perform it affectionately. It is really interesting.
/Li Hongfang knew that Liu Changan would not interfere with her personal affairs, but she really didn’t want to see this man here. Li Hongfang restrained her attitude when facing Liu Changan just now, and there was a cold look in her eyes: “It’s better not to see you for a long time than never. ”
“What you said is boring.” The middle-aged man did not feel dissatisfied, and still had a faint smile on his face. “You also know that my company is engaged in network big data and security systems. In today’s world, you Just show up in public and I can find you.”
This was true, of course Li Hong