image the most. Others say that her teaching level is not good, and she relies on copying scientific research results and copying papers. It doesn’t matter, but if you say she’s not good-looking or has a bad figure, then it’s absolutely not okay. If she goes out wearing poorly made clothes, I’m afraid she will faint from shame as soon as she comes into contact with other people’s eyes.

“Okay, it’s all your fault.” Liu Yuewang snorted heavily, “You’d better give up. Making clothes doesn’t take more than three or five years, and the products you make are all tatters. When you were older, you would be a tailor. The apprentices in the shop go to work as odd jobs when they are seven or eight years old, and the masters do not start teaching until they are fourteen or fifteen years old, and they cannot start teaching until they are at least twenty years old.”
“Is it so difficult? I don’t want to be at Liu Changan’s level.” An Nuan didn’t give up so easily.
“Yes, why is his level so high?” Liu Yuewang still couldn’t believe it.
“Don’t worry about him. Of course he is different from ordinary people.” An Nuan smiled sweetly.
Liu Yuewang sneered. It was really superficial. When he fell in love, his whole body smelled disgusting.
“You teach or not!”
“It’s okay for me to teach you. If you don’t give up until you reach the Yellow River, I have to let you appreciate the extraordinaryness of your mother. Do you want to make it Western or Chinese?”
“Chinese style.”
“Forget it, you don’t have the talent to learn tailoring. If you are clumsy, just learn to make a suit of clothes. Starting from the basic design, I will teach you step by step. In short, you have to make something that can be worn.” Liu Yuewang was high-spirited. This Liu Changan is somewhat capable, and she has to support the scene for her daughter so as not to drag others down too much. If it is too ugly, she will not be willing to be laughed at by others.
“Thank you, mom!” An Nuan hugged Liu Yuewang and kissed her hard, feeling happy.
“Have you ever kissed?”
/“What are you ashamed of?”
“We just held hands today, where are we now?”
“That’s at least a year from now.”
“Bah, don’t be ashamed.”
The mother and daughter were chatting. Liu Yuewang felt a little emotional while chatting, stroking her daughter’s soft hair. Her delicate figure was really feminine. After all, she had grown up to the point where she had to worry about love for her. It’s over.
If Liu Changan dares to bully An Nuan, he won’t be able to kill him. Liu Yuewang thought to himself and picked up the phone. He hadn’t chatted with that friend for a long time. Who told him to say that he was fat?
Liu Changan passed through a small park on his way home. The small place was actually decorated with landscapes, trees and rocks that had a certain flavor. There were green lotus leaves in the pool, the size of a three-way soup bowl, and several double petals of different colors. The lotus was in bloom, and a small money turtle showed its head and swam among the lotus leaves with its