Han Zhizhi to go back.

When she came to the balcony of An Nuan’s house, Liu Yuewang’s flowers and plants were planted here, as well as organic vegetables that she thought were very healthy and nutritious.
With internal help, Liu Changan entered An Nuan’s room smoothly. She still put a skirt under the door to prevent the light from leaking out. Even though Liu Yuewang now knew that Liu Changan was staying overnight, it was impossible to interfere.
/“It’s so late, why are you here?” An Nuan’s cheeks were flushed, like peach blossoms that have bloomed in spring, pink and tender, and her soft ears seemed to break with a pinch, and more blood was flowing. It has a transparent color under the light.
“I haven’t seen you for a long time. I want to chat with you.” Liu Changan said frankly.
“I also want to talk to you.” An Nuan smiled sweetly and added an accent to the word “talk”, hoping that he could understand that she was not the kind of person who would give up once they had a relationship. All the restraint will make him strip the hair of the little sheep wantonly.
“The Lantern Festival is coming soon.” Liu Changan sighed.
“Yeah, but now everyone only talks about the Lantern Festival.” An Nuan moved a small stool and placed it next to the bed, “The Lantern Festival is the Shangyuan Festival, the Hungry Ghost Festival is the Ghost Festival, and there is also the Xiayuan Festival on October 15th. Festival.”
/“Shall we celebrate the Lantern Festival early tonight?” Liu Changan suggested.
An Nuan didn’t believe that he came here tonight to simply chat with her, but it seemed that he didn’t want to release the energy accumulated by his genetic tissue production ball. Except for Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Children’s Day, and birthdays, these days can be celebrated in advance. Receive gifts in advance. Can the Lantern Festival also be received in advance?
“Okay, we celebrate the Lantern Festival in advance, but there are no Yuanxiao dumplings to eat. When I was a kid, my grandma and I went back to the countryside. My grandma would use a stone mill to grind the glutinous rice into powder, then add water and stir evenly, then wrap it in brown sugar and knead it into round dumplings, then steam them like this. Cooked or directly boiled, it is a traditional Lantern Festival food.” An Nuan said with some nostalgia.
“I can also make this. I think it tastes better than the fine glutinous rice balls now.” Liu Changan sat on a small stool, “But when I say celebrate the Lantern Festival in advance, I don’t mean to eat.”
“Is it right to recite poetry?” An Nuan opened the quilt and lay down, but she did not completely cover her body with the quilt. She just pulled up a corner and pressed it on her lower abdomen. One leg was stretched straight and the other leg was bent diagonally. , rubbing his toes against his jade-white calf.
“I want to tell you how the Lantern Festival was celebrated in ancient times, such as the Southern Song Dynasty. Let’s learn from the tradition.” Liu Changan said.
“Okay!” An Nuan said delicately, not