Seeing Zhang Zhongye’s cautious attitude, Jin Hou felt much more at ease. He felt that this was a real master, unlike Niu Bang who talked about sponsorship and conditions as soon as he came up.
Comparing Niu Bang and Zhang Zhongye is a bit ridiculous. After all, Niu Bang is just a student and amateur fighting enthusiast, but Zhang Zhongye is a great master who has been immersed in martial arts all his life.
In fact, Jin Hou has also come into contact with some martial arts people. The feeling given to Jin Hou by these martial arts people is similar to the people he saw in the literary and art circles. , Niu Bang can sweep a large area.
Zhang Zhongye is completely different. His whole person exudes the feeling of being as heavy as a mountain, and his every move is like a dragon walking like a tiger, giving people an extraordinary and extraordinary impression.
With Zhang Zhongye around, Jin Hou’s feeling of fear towards Liu Changan was diluted a lot. In contrast, Liu Changan was a bit careless.
“That Liu Chang’an is not simple.” Zhang Zhongye held a fragment of earthenware in his hand and rubbed it with his fingers, and the fragment of earthenware gradually shattered into slag.
/After Jin Hou and Zhang Zhongye met today, Zhang Zhongye did not underestimate the enemy. After listening to Jin Hou’s description, he asked Jin Hou to order a piece of Buddha Jumping Over the Wall abalone rice again, and brought the take-out clay pot to test the hardness.
“If I were still in Nanyang five years ago, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have much confidence.” Zhang Zhongye crushed all the pottery fragments into crumbs and chuckled with some emotion.
Qin Minglin said that Zhang Zhongye came from the overseas sect of “Tiandaomen”, which was actually not wrong, but now there are no overseas sects in “Tiandaomen”.
Five years ago, as an overseas sect, Zhang Zhongye and others came to the mainland from Nanyang and challenged the direct descendants of the “Tiandao Sect” in Zhonghai. In the end, they gave up due to reasons other than martial arts. However, Zhang Zhongye obtained the direct descendants of the “Tiandao Sect” by chance. Unintentional guidance, breakthrough on the spot.
Now in the past five years, Zhang Zhongye and others have kept their promise. After failing in the competition, they are no longer allowed to call themselves “Overseas Mountain Gate”. Zhang Zhongye has not suffered any losses, but has consolidated his realm. The improvement of martial arts training in just five years has exceeded that of the past forty or fifty years.
In other words, the current Zhang Zhongye has been practicing for the equivalent of a hundred years, but his body remains at the peak of his fifties and sixties, with both experience and physical fitness at their best.
“I heard from Sister Qin that you have been training in the mainland for the past five years without ever losing. I didn’t expect you to value Liu Changan so much.” Jin Hou was a little unsure whether Zhang Zhongye really thought Liu Changan was a strong rival, or if he