e had just been kissed twice instead of being smothered, which was actually a blessing among misfortunes.

He grinned and looked at the real She Zhang: “Okay, you demon cultivators can always come up with new tricks. I only have one question.”
Lu Beichao nuzzled the golden-scaled thin snake that had taken over She Zhang’s body: “How long will Sister Snake’s habit of chewing on everyone last? When will you change back?”
She doesn’t just chew on people when she sees them!
She Yan explained in her mind that the sound transmission stated that the side effects of body changing were permanent but reversible. It would be fine if one person and one snake merged together next time and then separated.
As for when the next time will be, She Zhang thinks that it can be done now, but the golden-scaled snake disagrees. Her transformation is far away, and she hopes that She Zhang will give it another two days.
Oh my god, I started pouting right after we met. If I give it two more days, wouldn’t I be swallowed whole by her?
Lu Bei’s face darkened, and he was about to say something, when he heard She Zhang’s message again.
“There is a cold pond black lotus at the bottom of the cliff and deep valley. Is this a great opportunity?”
Lu Bei raised his eyebrows, and the golden snake above his head flew towards the cliff. Behind him, the golden-scaled snake occupying She Zhang’s body followed closely, with an impatient look on his face.
Bai Jin:
Seeing a man and a woman running straight into the darkness, as if they were going to do something ulterior, they were speechless for a moment. Then they looked at more and more fellow sword cultivators gathering around them, and followed them cautiously.
/Young people are not reliable in doing things, so they have to choose this time. I wonder if the monks have good ears and eyes. What should I do if I am hit by someone? It still requires her to work hard. If there is no sound insulation formation, she will have to make up for it.
In the dark valley, Bai Jin was thousands of meters away. Not long after he slowly walked forward, he found Meng Buwei’s body on the mountain wall. His fingertips touched the sword mark and he nodded secretly.
I misunderstood, the junior brother came here not to have fun, but to last some damage.
After walking for a while, the black cold pool covers an area of ??several meters, and the leafless black lotus is isolated, which is indescribably weird.
Bai Jin stopped, and after a moment his face changed drastically: “The secret realm of suture, there are monks in the integration stage here!”
[You killed Meng Buwei and gained 10 million experience points. After determining that the opponent’s level difference is greater than level 20, you will be rewarded with 10 million experience points]
It was very sudden.
Lu Bei never expected that this uncle was still alive. Seeing him motionless and dented in the wall, lifeless, he really thought he had been beaten to death by She Zhang.
Out of respect for Lianxu, I added a knife.
After the black light, the personal