ollege entrance examination to go to the same school as me.”

“Who wants to go to the same school as you?” An Nuan retorted, “Go to the same school as your Bai Fen.”
Liu Changan knocked on her again, hugged his book and left.
An Nuan looked at Liu Changan’s back, the empty seat next to him, and Miao Yingying with a shy and sweet smile, and suddenly felt a little lost, as if the feeling of separation after the college entrance examination had come early, her mood was empty, and her eyes were empty. , I can’t catch anything if I want to, and the time I want can never come back.
Many scenes flowed past in front of his eyes like light and shadow. Habits are often difficult to change. Most people do is change other things to suit their own habits. An Nuan has no way to call Liu Changan back. She only feels that her own My habits were forced to change, and everything from my hair to my toes felt unnatural.
I took a deep breath, the air around me was awkward.
“Our grades are about the same. It would be good to be admitted to the same university.” Gao Dewei said with some expectation.
“Ah?” An Nuan came back to her senses. She and Liu Changan’s scores were indeed about the same, and there was still some gap between them and Gao Dewei. In the usual basic exams organized by the school, everyone was chasing after each other, and the difference was only ten or twenty points. Maybe I will catch up next time, but after all, there is only one college entrance examination. If you are more than ten points behind in this exam, you will be more than ten points behind in your life. Gao Dewei wants to replace Huang Shan, or to be precise, he wants to be the person who hits the top spot in science in the attached middle school.
“The difference between the highest and lowest scores admitted by Wudaokou Vocational College in our province is 50, 60 or even 70 or 80 points every year.” Gao Dewei said with encouragement. He thought An Nuan felt that his scores were too different from Gao Dewei’s. many.
An Nuan rolled her eyes at Gao Dewei. If others listened to his encouragement, they would definitely think that he was showing off his power.
But An Nuan didn’t care. She suddenly came to her senses. Did Liu Changan mean that he wanted to enter the same university as her?
/An Nuan couldn’t help but take a peek at Liu Changan’s back, and thought of many plots in novels and movies, especially her favorite campus love plot. Doesn’t the biggest wish of the male and female protagonists want to be on the same university campus?
An Nuan gritted her teeth and looked at Liu Changan, because when she was thinking about these things, Liu Changan had already come to his new seat and sat down, facing Bai Fen, smiling like a chrysanthemum blooming under the bright autumn sunshine.
Yes, Miao Yingying’s original deskmate was Bai Hui. After Liu Changan and Miao Yingying changed seats, he became Bai Hui’s deskmate.
June has not yet arrived, and there is less time left. Liu Changan is no longer An Nuan’s deskmate.
Qian Ning and Lu Yuan were also stari