ly, and she stretched out her soft white fingers under Yun’s sleeves. She already understood what the nun meant, “Is he actually being tempted by the phoenix blood and acting impulsively?”

“Yeah.” The nun nodded.
When Liu Changan heard this, he was a little shaken. She pierced his clothes that night, but he didn’t shed a drop of blood. Then he punished her and stained the brocade quilt with blood. Was he really tempted by the blood of the phoenix?
But if that’s the case, wouldn’t he be tempted by Phoenix blood every day now? Shangguan Dandan, who was still the purest and most original Phoenix blood, was dangling in front of him every day holding a thermos pot.
Either Shangguan Dandan is not Phoenix.
This is extremely unlikely.
/Either Shangguan Dandan’s thermos bottle strongly suppressed Liu Changan’s impulse. No one would be impulsive to a little old lady holding such a big thermos pot, wandering around, playing cards, and grabbing gifts from a health care product company.
Well, that might be the case.
“He is indeed a little obsessed with me.” Su Mei admitted this shyly, with a slightly proud tone in her tone, “But it’s not as impulsive as it was at the beginning. We now have a pretty normal relationship between a man and a woman, although it is a bit like a glue. The feeling, but not to the extent that the king will not go to court early from now on.”
Su Mei hesitated for a moment and shook her head. She did get jealous easily, but now he had already drawn a clear line with those little foxes. The only annoying person was Ye Sijin. He had been with someone in the past. Let’s talk about it later. Bar.
“In short, after adding your blood, the potion can be officially prepared. This potion can not only make men and women unable to control themselves, but more importantly, it may be able to solve your infertility problem.” The nun took it off. The hat of the cloak turned to the side, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his eyelashes blinked, revealing a sly smile.
Nikola Tesla!
When Liu Changan saw her iconic red hair, he immediately recognized the nun’s true identity. It turned out that it was at this time that Tesla began to use Su Mei’s layout!
Many of the mysteries in Liu Changan’s mind have been solved.
/The phoenix blood indeed had an irresistible allure for him. What happened in Weiyang Palace back then, when Shangguan Dandan mingled with the palace maids, was certainly an inducement, but the root cause was the most powerful supernatural being. mutual attraction.
In addition to knowing the existence of Liu Changan, Tesla also knew about the arrival of the Phoenix earlier than he did, and began to make plans after discovering that Su Mei had the blood of the Phoenix.
Su Mei was finally able to give birth to Zhu Juntang. In addition to what she said was the use of Tesla’s biotechnology, the most essential reason for Liu Changan’s residual blood essence in Mrs. Karnstein’s body was that she herself was the clone of Shangguan Dandan of the Phoenix bloodline. Or a feather or something.