god.” Zhu Juntang proudly walked to the dart board and snapped his fingers.

The bread people who were scattered around just now gathered around. One of them took a photo of Zhu Juntang, and the others applauded loudly.
Liu Changan and Bai Hui were used to seeing each other, and only the owner of the stall stood there blankly. Is this a boo? It must be a boo, right?
“Print it out and stick it in my photo area whose theme is various talent exhibitions.” Zhu Juntang ordered.
And a talent show?
Liu Changan would like to see what kind of photos they have and what talents they record when given the chance.
Zhu Juntang took the remaining darts and threw them around again. Although in the end it was impossible to calculate what grand prize she won according to the rules, the boss was very particular about letting her take the dolls there as she pleased.
Bai Hui held the doll pig that Liu Changan shot for him in one hand, and helped Zhu Juntang pick a sheep with the other hand.
“It’s boring. I just want to prove my dart skills. The trophies don’t matter.” Zhu Juntang took the sheep and then pushed it against Liu Changan’s stomach a few times.
Liu Changan looked at his phone and saw a message from Su Mei. She would return to Junsha tomorrow morning.
“Your mother will come to Junsha tomorrow, did you know?” Liu Changan looked at Zhu Juntang expressionlessly. Her days of being lawless and doing whatever she wanted were finally coming to an end.
“Do you think she can defeat me now that she’s back? It’s just an Antarctic, and its combat power is about the same as that of my penguin. No one can control me! Baa!” Zhu Juntang shouted loudly, holding the penguin. The sheep doll ran away.
Looking at Zhu Juntang’s lively back, Liu Changan couldn’t help showing a gentle smile.
Whether it was Su Mei who left the mess to Liu Changan and was so distressed by the baby sheep she gave birth to, or whether Zhu Juntang, the fairy sheep, was turned into little lamb skewers by Su Mei, Liu Changan was happy to see the result. .
I thought for a long time that I would never have smoke coming out of my head, my blood pressure would rise, or my heart would explode.
Tax evasion.
/“Actually, you still think Xiaotang is quite cute, right?” Bai Hui looked at Liu Changan’s smile, and her heart trembled slightly. He seemed to rarely smile so purely, and he even felt as innocent as a child.
Zhu Juntang ran away, but Bai Hui did not leave immediately. After all, she was not a wealthy young lady like Zhu Juntang. Generally, girls who know how to be worldly and polite should stay and have a few words with Liu Changan in this situation. words to thank him for helping her shoot a stuffed pig.
“Cute? She’s not as cute as the Komodo dragon just now.” Liu Changan stopped his smile, smoothed his sleeves, and pointed at Zhu Juntang, who had disappeared.
“Then what were you laughing at just now?” Bai Hui was a little confused, because Liu Changan had never smiled at him like this before, and he was a little concerned about it.