vious battle.

The next second after David disappeared, the door of the forging room shattered into pieces. Four earth knights formed a group and rushed into the forging room in a battle formation.
When they saw the empty forging room, their faces suddenly turned pale.
“Quickly inform the Sky Knights outside that the Alberta Sky Knight is missing!” Count Ernest roared loudly.
/God knows how much the Barry family has spent for Alberta to become a Sky Knight. Those treasures of heaven and earth used for promotion, those treasures that are useful for promotion, each of them is an astronomical number of divine gold coins.
The Alberta Sky Knights are extremely important to the Barry family. Losing a sky knight will cause the Barry family to drop a notch in terms of the strength of the noble families.
What surprised Earl Ernest even more was the time. The Alberta Sky Knights were faster than them, but the distance in the castle was limited, and they were only ten breaths late.
But who can kill the Alberta Sky Knight in ten breaths of time.
The Earth Knights all understand that the Alberta Sky Knight cannot be alive, otherwise he would not disappear out of thin air, and only the body would be taken away after death.
One of the fastest official knights turned around and went back to report, while the other knights searched the forging room.
“I’m afraid that Grandmaster Kelvin also suffered a murderous attack!” Count Ernest said in a deep voice with a very heavy heart.
The rest of the knights were a little silent. They didn’t know what kind of existence the family had provoked. They actually lost a blacksmith master and a sky knight in their own family castle without encountering an enemy.
All the knights were angry and a little nervous at the same time. They couldn’t imagine how the enemy left the closed room and entered the castle.
You must know that the entire castle is protected by the patterned magic circle. Could it be that the patterned magic circle has lost its effect? ??But if it loses its effect, then how could they be trapped outside the forge just now.
With doubts in their minds, the knights searched the forging room many times. They only saw traces of impact on one wall and some previous blood stains.
The returning knight used all his strength. His figure moved quickly in the corridor, and he was about to reach the hall. From there, he could see the situation outside through the open castle door. At that time, he only needed to shout, It was able to attract the attention of the two sky knights.
Just when the knight saw the end of the corridor in front of him, his vision blurred. Out of instinct, his body suddenly stopped, and his feet firmly stepped on the ground, stopping his forward momentum.
This can also reflect the characteristics of this knight. This is a speedy knight, and he is extremely dexterous and can forcefully stop while traveling at high speed.
But when the knight stopped, all the hairs on his body stood up. This was an instinctive reaction to facing a powerful enemy.
The knight’s