ong. Not to mention teaching in accordance with their aptitude. Some children are sensitive and think too much. When educating, you must pay special attention to wording, tone and all aspects. Zhou Dongdong is an insensitive type. This is a big problem. A heart is also necessary to become a great person, but at the same time, if you don’t talk to her, she won’t realize what shortcomings and deficiencies she has.” Liu Changan explained that he also educated Zhou Shuling on the basics of parenting.

So that’s it! Zhou Shuling suddenly realized.
“Is Xiaotang also the insensitive type?” Zhou Shuling is now very familiar with Zhu Juntang, and no longer calls her “Miss Zhu” politely. She has a good impression of Zhu Juntang, but she also knows that Zhu Juntang has What Shi Shi did was even more incomprehensible than what Zhou Dongdong did.
“Her? She’s the type who deserves a beating.” Liu Changan got angry as he spoke.
/Watching Zhou Shuling smile and tremble, the little woman’s warm body fragrance lingers in the cool air after the rain. It seems that her body is as warm as her breath. It can warm people’s hearts.
“Did you dream last night?” Although Liu Changan did not see Zhou Shuling in last night’s dream, it was almost impossible to miss her most beloved daughter-in-law because of Shandan Dandan’s recognition and preference for Zhou Shuling.
It is very possible that Zhou Shuling also had a dream, but Liu Changan did not perceive it, just like Qin Yanan’s dream last night was different from what Liu Changan perceived.
“Ah, how do you know?” Zhou Shuling’s eyes were full of panic, like the reflection of a lake trembling. She pressed her hands on the hem of her red woolen skirt, as if she wanted to hide something, but it just looked like there was no silver in this place. .
Liu Changan shook his head, but did not ask what her dream was. It was reasonable for Miss Xiao Nan, who was in her twenties, to want a toy, let alone a daughter-in-law who was one year older than Miss Xiao Nan?
In the dream, whatever Zhou Shuling did was allowed, and whatever she got was allowed. Liu Changan had no objections. Shangguan Dantan was not the only one who had a preference for such a warm, caring, and pitiable little daughter-in-law.
“I’m making preserved pepper eggs this morning. Where’s the bowl?” Liu Changan smiled and scratched her head, motioning her to look for it. However, he entered the kitchen less than she did, and some things were left where she was used to. location.
Zhou Shuling hurriedly knelt down, bent over and searched in the cupboard, and took out the hammer made from a whole piece of natural bluestone. The pestle looked really weird! Why haven’t I felt like this before?
Zhou Shuling shook her head quickly and secretly looked at Liu Changan. He couldn’t possibly know what he was dreaming about, but he was a little suspicious of Liu Changan’s usual all-knowing behavior. If he guessed what he had dreamed, it wouldn’t be impossible. .
“To make preserved pepper eggs, you need to remove all the seeds from t