ed over and said to Liu Changan.

Liu Changan nodded.
“Remember your absence.” Lin Feng clicked on the screen very smoothly, wrote Liu Changan’s name and turned around to leave.
Wei Xuanyi was a little gloating, “We didn’t tell anyone, so others didn’t even know that the instructor was your cousin.”
He was not only happy that Liu Changan was humiliated, but also happy that Lin Feng had provoked such a tough guy like Liu Changan.
Liu Changan didn’t care about this and praised: “This classmate handled the matter impartially and is good at using electronic office work. He has a great future.”
Wei Xuanyi and Sun Shutong both looked at him in confusion. Qin Zhiqiang said angrily, “Look at what he can do. He looks like a leader now.”
“You are right. This style of work is not as close to the people as it is not suitable for grassroots services, nor is it suitable for leadership work.” Liu Changan also agreed with Qin Zhiqiang’s view.
Sun Shutong sneered, “I wonder if he recorded Zhu Juntang’s absence.”
“What’s the use of recording Zhu Juntang’s absence? He also knows it’s useless, so he won’t remember it.” Wei Xuanyi said with certainty.
“Maybe he still wants to chase Zhu Juntang.” Qin Zhiqiang said, “He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.”
Wei Xuanyi and Sun Shutong felt inexplicably worried. If Lin Feng could successfully approach Zhu Juntang, it would mean that their self-esteem would be hit again.
Thinking about whether it would be better for a girl who is not his girlfriend to have a close relationship with another boy, this man’s thoughts are also strange.
When the instructor arrived, the military training leaders of each class began to gather, count the number of people, and then report to the instructor.
The instructor in Liu Changan’s class is named Chen Cicheng. He is a few years older than his classmates and has some acne on his face. However, as someone who has been a soldier for several years, his temperament and masculine feeling are incomparable to ordinary college students.
“You asked for leave this morning, right?” Chen Cicheng noticed at a glance that Liu Changan had not come this morning.
“Even if you ask for leave, you should go and stand in military posture for half an hour. Can you stand in military posture?” Chen Cicheng said.
Liu Changan ran away neatly and stood under the shade of a tree.
/Chen Cicheng opened his mouth. This student obeyed so neatly that Chen Cicheng was a little embarrassed to assign him to stand under the sun.
The remaining students stood under the sun, sweating after only standing for two or three minutes. They couldn’t help but envy Liu Changan who stood up with a military posture.
At this time, Qin Yanan rushed over and stood beside Liu Changan.
“What are you doing here?” Liu Changan asked.
“Let me see you. What are you doing standing here?” Qin Yanan asked strangely.
/“I’m standing in a military posture, can’t you see?”
Qin Yanan really didn’t expect it, and pointed to the instructor in the distance in surprise, “I told instructor Chen t