tention to water pollution issues.

It’s just that mandarin fish has very high requirements for water quality. In areas with serious water pollution, there are no wild mandarin fish, so you can buy it with confidence.
It’s just that most people don’t know the difference between wild mandarin fish and farmed mandarin fish. The price gap between the two is huge, which also gives some unscrupulous merchants the opportunity to take advantage of the loopholes.
Of course Liu Changan knew how to distinguish, but he would not refuse others to sell him farmed fish as wild ones. In this way, after he paid, he could kindly feed all the raw fish into the fishmonger’s mouth based on the victim’s standpoint and help him clear his intestines. Anus, conditioning the body.
/What we bought today were all wild, so naturally we would not treat the fishmonger like that. Liu Changan was strutting through the market carrying several kilograms of mandarin fish. When the citizens saw that this man was buying mandarin fish, they were all wrapped up, and they immediately felt admiration. This is a wealthy family.
After buying three more salted ducks, a handful of perilla, a bag of crispy peppers, green peppers, eggplants, etc., Liu Changan returned home.
/Qin Yanan didn’t know where he was, but he wasn’t pretending to be a maggot in his room anymore.
Zhou Dongdong took advantage of the fact that his mother was busy in the morning and would not compete with him to play, so he sat behind the electric heating table and played games on the tablet.
Liu Changan walked over and took a look. It should be a newly downloaded game by herself. The game characters, interface and game content all showed a temperament that matched her very well.
“Zhou Dongdong, in fact, we all have health bars just like in the game, but children can’t see it yet. Only adults can see it.” Liu Changan saw the character controlled by Zhou Dongdong rushing towards the edge of the cliff without stopping. His leg fell to death, so he decided to educate her on some things that only adults know.
Zhou Dongdong is a clever child, so she is a little suspicious. Brother Changan prevented her from playing games early in the morning and said some strange words next to her. In fact, he wanted her to be helpful.
But Zhou Dongdong is also a brave child. A brave child has a strong curiosity and desire to explore the unknown, so he raised his hand and touched the top of his head to see if he could feel his blood bar.
“The health bar cannot be touched.” Liu Changan pointed to her game screen, “Look at the villain in your game. When he walks around, the health bar is always above his head. When he jumps up, the health bar It’s also increased, but it still can’t touch the health bar.”
So that’s it! Zhou Dongdong suddenly realized.
“Then how much blood do I have left in my health bar?” Zhou Dongdong was a little worried. If he was beaten every day, would his health bar be reduced a lot? The characters in the game will lose blood when they are beaten. Just after falling under the