u felt very fierce.” Han Zhizhi smiled and waved her hand, “You live up to your reputation. I’m not fierce at all.”

“That’s true.” Liu Changan drank tea.
An Nuan took Liu Changan’s tea, put the coffee she ordered into his hand, and then looked at Wu Fan and smiled as a greeting.
“This is Wu Fan, a classmate of our class, who came to Junsha for a trip.” Han Zhizhi introduced seriously, believing that Wu Fan was just a tourist.
“Hello, I know you. I’ve seen your photos in Zhizhi’s space. You look better in person than in the photos.” Wu Fantan said frankly, but immediately turned away and looked at Han Zhizhi and smiled. gentle.
An Nuan is indeed very good-looking. It is polite to praise others for their good looks, but if you keep staring at others, you are a fool. Wu Fan knows very well that today he must not only gain the favor of Han Zhizhi, but also the favor of An Nuan, otherwise An Nuan If Nuan blows into Han Zhizhi’s ears, Han Zhizhi’s good impression of herself may be greatly reduced.
“Thank you.” An Nuan smiled and nodded, gracefully, but turned to look at Liu Changan and pouted, “They praise me, praise Zhizhi.”
Liu Changan put on his sunglasses and faced the air between Han Zhizhi and Wu Fan, “Han Zhizhi looks so good.”
/“Liu Changan, don’t think that because you are a tough guy, I won’t dare to beat you!” Han Zhizhi couldn’t help laughing, waving her fists, pretending to hit Liu Changan.
An Nuan hit someone angrily, but she couldn’t hide the smile on her face. Although she asked him yesterday to wear handsome clothes today, he wore the same clothes as the old man who went out for a walk after dinner. But… Liu Changan is still as entertaining as ever, and his jokes are just right and funny.
Wu Fan laughed twice, where was the point of laughter?
“What Liu Changan means is that only a blind man would praise Zhizhi for being beautiful. He is telling lies.” An Nuan saw Wu Fan’s confused look and quickly explained that her boyfriend’s humor was really not witty at all.
“His meaning is clearly that when you are around, he would only praise me for my beauty if he is blind, and it’s all because of you!” Han Zhizhi interpreted it differently and even gave An Nuan a slap.
Wu Fan had a smile on his face, but was surprised in his heart. Liu Changan was dressed like a country bumpkin, and his family background was probably not that good. He was able to capture a girl like An Nuan because of his ability.
“Stop making trouble, let’s go.” Liu Changan stood up with coffee. Really, he was just complimenting people casually. He had to interpret various meanings and do reading comprehension?
The four of them walked out of the coffee shop together. An Nuan lowered her voice and said to Liu Changan: “I asked you to take a selfie this morning, but you only have your belly and two feet, and you are still sitting on a tree!”
“Is there a problem?”
“What do you think?”
“Zhou Dongdong took the picture. You can go find her and cause trouble.”
“Forget it, why did I send you a message yesterday asking you to dress hand