trickling water.

Wu Tianzun gradually remembered his past, and even those long-forgotten memories began to revive.
His dispersed soul reunited like sand, and his dissipated soul was like a collapsed sand tower, now restored to its original state.
Xu Ying looked at this scene in surprise and felt the mysterious power emitted by the immortal elixir.
This kind of power transcends the ordinary world and is not a human power. It contains the principles of life, which is profound and unpredictable and cannot be understood.
“If you can understand this power, you can control life and death, transcend reincarnation, and achieve true immortality!”
His heart was pounding, trying to remember that wonderful Taoist sound, but the sound imprinted in his memory would soon dissipate, as if it had been erased.
The voice of this supreme Tao is difficult to remember, let alone understand.
Xu Ying tried for a while, but still couldn’t remember any of the Taoist sounds. Suddenly, his heart moved slightly. He glanced at the purple fairy grass that was still locked around his neck, and thought to himself: “Isn’t the grave grass the immortal medicine? As long as you study it, you will be able to You can gain transcendent power.”
/Purple Immortal Grass noticed his gaze and felt awe-struck in her heart. She saw Xu Ying retracting his gaze and nervously paying attention to the white-haired old man, so he slipped into Xu Ying’s Xiyi Realm.
It was used as a key link in suppressing the Chongtong Emperor. Naturally, it had extraordinary means and could travel through other people’s Xiyi territories at will.
It used this talent to penetrate its roots into the eyes, ears, mouth and nose of the Chongtong Emperor, and penetrate deep into his territory.
The purple fairy grass rummaged through the boxes and cabinets in the promised Xiyi territory, looking around, but could not find its other leaves, so it quietly slipped out.
It must be on the brat!
It looked around, pretending as if nothing had happened, while quietly moving its tiny roots, turning over Xu Ying’s clothes silently, and checking whether its leaves had been put into his pocket.
The battle in Wuseshan was quite fierce. The battle between Xu Ying, Li Xiaoke and the Emperor Yin Ting left only half of his clothes on his upper body. The front half of his clothes was destroyed, and only the half of his back was left with rags and strips.
Of course, the pants weren’t much better.
After digging around in his trouser pocket for a moment, he realized something was wrong, as if he had taken out the wrong thing.
“Rogue grave grass!”
Xu Ying was ashamed and angry, so he picked up its neck and punched it hard.
Purple Immortal Grass knew that he was in the wrong, but he never suffered any loss. He immediately got into trouble with him, inserting his eyes, picking his nose, stabbing his waist, demolishing the ancestral hall, and doing all the dirty tricks.
After a long time, Wu Tianzun completely returned to the peak state of his life. His soul was powerful and his body was strong, eve