r mind?”

Da Zhong expressed his worries. After all, An Qi read a lot, and said: “Since you suspect that you are a bad guy, why don’t you ask the female ghost in the coffin? If you explain the situation to her, you will understand. Why do you need to feel sorry for yourself here?”
How could Da Zhong bow his head to the girl in the coffin and admit his mistake? He sneered: “I suppressed her under the orders of my master. She is a bad person. My master will never do anything wrong. What’s more, I am seriously injured now. If I go to see her, I will be killed by her.” Wouldn’t it be unjust to beat him to death directly?”
An Qi said: “I’m just cowardly.”
Da Zhong was furious, pressed the giant snake’s head and hit the ground, shouting: “Am I scared? I’m just injured! If I were good, would I be afraid of her? When I am healed, I will suppress her myself, Stuff her back into the ancient well in Shishan!”
Even though his head was knocked out with more than a dozen blood packets, An Qi still refused to accept it and shouted: “When you were not injured, weren’t you seriously injured by others and fled in embarrassment? Even if you healed your injuries and went to seek revenge, You will only get beaten harder!”
The big bell was furious: “Dead snake, today I, old Zhong, will send you to the underworld by the Nai River!”
“We are in the underworld right now, you don’t need to send us away!”
“Smelly snake, I’ll beat you to death!”
/“Master Zhong, spare your life!”
Xu Ying was breathing in and out in front of the Qinyan Cave and practicing the Taiyi Daoyigong. He heard the excitement at the bottom of the mountain and looked down the mountain. He saw the big bell and Jian Qi having a fight. One moment, the big clock was pressing Jian Qi’s head against the ground. Qi rolled up the big clock and tried to strangle it. The feeling was so good.
“The sunshine is just right in spring.” Xu Ying smiled and felt peaceful. The sunlight gathered above his head, gradually forming half an acre of light field.
The weather is warm and everything is relaxing.
Zhou Yihang was walking towards Wuwu Mountain, seeing this majestic mountain from a distance, his expression was gloomy.
The old man was covered in injuries and illnesses. In the past two days, he traveled forty miles across the underworld, from Yilin Temple to here. He encountered various dangers and encountered various incredible phenomena in the underworld, and finally arrived at Wuwu Mountain alive.
/Zhou Yihang arrived at the foot of Wuwu Mountain and was about to climb the mountain. He suddenly became alarmed and saw an earth god emerging from the soil with a stone in the hat on his head.
“When the Earth God is here, I’m afraid Xue Chenghuang, Shi Longzi and others are not far away!”
He was about to kill him and get rid of the earth god to prevent him from going back to report the news. Suddenly, the voices of Shi Longzi and others came: “City God, the earth has asked about the demon gods and monsters nearby. When he saw Xu Ying, he Haunted here.”
Xue Chenghuang’s voice