and punched the building that was pressing down. The Great Zhou Qi Refiner in the building was immediately counterattacked by this sacred building!

This sacred tower was a powerful weapon, but it actually suppressed them and locked them in the tower, unable to escape!
The boat flew out from behind the building and met a big cauldron. With another “bang” sound, the cauldron beat the Qi Refiner who held it up until he vomited blood and fell down!
A Zhou general covered in golden armor rushed towards him. On his weapons rack, eighteen kinds of weapons flew up and slashed at the man in the bamboo hat. The next moment, there were just a few bang bang sounds, and those weapons were inserted into the golden armored general.
Even the golden armor on the general’s body became a weapon that blocked him, trapping him in the armor and unable to move.
“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”
The man in the bamboo hat fought all the way, but the three thousand Dazhou Qi Refiners could not stop him. The magic weapon they controlled was turned into a traitor by the man in the bamboo hat at the moment of contact. The brand was completely lost and turned into the opponent’s brand. Instead, they were killed on their backs. !
The target of the man in the bamboo hat was none other than Emperor Zhou. He defeated three thousand Qi refiners along the way, which truly amazed the world.
Even Xu Ying, who had fought against him before, was dazzled by what he saw and secretly praised him.
Back on the Naihe River, the man in the bamboo hat did not show off this amazing skill!
At this moment, a ray of sword light came with a cold air, and the power of heaven burst out from the sword, pointing directly at the eyebrows of the man in the bamboo hat. It was Taishi Jiang Qi who raised the Heavenly Punishment Sword and came to kill him!
The man in the bamboo hat casually slapped it on the Tianchu Sword, but this time it failed to make a soft bang sound, which surprised him.
Little did he know that Grand Master Jiang Qi asked Zhu Chanchan to use this sword personally to erase the imprint of the immortal world and put his own imprint on it.
/Zhuchanchan practiced very seriously. Although the man in the bamboo hat erased the mark with one blow, he was unable to put his own mark on the Tianchu Sword.
/His heart sank, and he suddenly realized that he had lost the opportunity.
It was extremely terrifying to lose the opportunity in front of a wise man like Grand Master Jiang Qi. Then he saw the power of the Heavenly Punishment Sword soaring, cutting off his wrist, and the tip of the sword pierced his eyebrows!
Seeing that the man in the bamboo hat was about to die under the Heavenly Punishment Sword, suddenly a flying peak swept over with a roar, sweeping away Grand Master Jiang, the Heavenly Punishment Sword and the man in the bamboo hat!
Grand Master Jiang Qi groaned, feeling unsteady due to the pressure from the flying peak. The man in the bamboo hat took the opportunity to flick his fingers, and the Heavenly Punishment Sword flew out!
Grand Master